Sunday, August 21, 2011


We went to Valparaiso today to visit Brian's grandparents. I always enjoy visiting them. They made reservations at Strongbow's for lunch. I absolutely love this restaurant. The food is always delicious and the bakery? To die for!

It was my first time experiencing the lunch menu and I got an Italian Beef sandwich with au jus on freshly baked bread from their bakery. Brian got a chicken bacon club on a spinach wrap with ranch. Grandma and Grandpa each got a turkey sandwich.

After lunch was over, the waitress asked if we wanted dessert. We started to say no thank you, we were full, but Grandma insisted we try something. We each got a slice of their delicious cheesecake.

I've never been one to say a dessert is "too rich".

But this cheesecake was just that. Delicious, huge, thick slice of creamy cheesecake... but it was just too rich. I got about half way through mine and Brian half way through his. Grandma? Finished hers. :) She really loves their cheese cake!

I was half tempted to bring a pie home!

After we had a delicious lunch (I only finished half my sandwich and brought the other half home- it was just as delicious warmed up in the microwave several hours later!)

Not Strongbow Inn's but close 

I'm pretty sure it was a sour cream based cheese cake, which I never had, but it was so rich, creamy, and way too delicious.

I maaaay have to try and make one.


  1. I lived in NW Indiana up until a year ago but never really spent a lot of time in Valpo... next time i go to visit my parents I may have to take em out to lunch now lol

  2. In my opinion, Strongbow's is one of the very few things about Valpo that doesn't suck, haha. I've only been there a few times because of the price, but I loved it every time. Amazing food.

  3. If you need an awesome - not diet friendly AT ALL - practically famous cheesecake recipe, let me know! I've made it for a couple of baby showers through work, but there was NO WAY I was eating it! When you measure things like "sour cream" and "cream cheese" in POUNDS... well, my waistline can't take it!


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