Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Apprehension and Annoyance

Note: Third blog today! Weee.....

We were nominated by some friends to receive free insurance through a major company. Now I don't know really what that means.I guess they do insurance for unions, but if a union member says they don't want the insurance, then they give it to someone in the community? We are meeting the representative tonight, so I'm sure I'll figure it out then. Or not. Who knows, insurance is crazy hard for me to understand it seems!

The rep wanted to meet today, but Brian was working a 9 hour shift. He said that he would be out of town after 6pm today, but he would check his schedule and see when he could meet with us. Brian got someone to cover the last half of his shift and called the rep back, and left a message saying he could meet today. I also cancelled some hours too.

Well we got a call from him this morning saying he couldn't meet us until 9 pm, and we said that was okay. He seemed annoyed that we would want to meet so late. ("Why would you even offer that as a time, if you don't want to meet?!" Brian said after he hung up) So that was annoying... especially since we are missing out on extra money, but whatever....

I guess he called Brian just about 15 minutes ago and said that he could meet at 5 pm if we could too. I'm not sure if this is a test- how bad do you want this? kind of thing- or if this guy is just an idiot/asshole. But I'm glad that he decided to meet us during daylight hours, at least it makes it worth it that we cancelled our plans then! Brian's annoyed at all of the back and forth, and I'm becoming more and more skeptic of this whole situation...

But, being the cautious person that I am, I am not going to sign anything, or agree to anything, until I get paperwork in my hand (including what the insurance covers, and the contract, because I'm sure there's a contract!) and I am also going to compare it to the insurance Brian gets from his work too. Just to see.
There are so many scams nowadays that it seems like it is harder and harder to tell them from a legitimate offer. Though I am sure there is going to be a phone number and a company name, so I can at least do a little recon on my own.

And I'm going to have my mom help me look over it, because like I said, I am not sure what is what with insurance, but I am obviously going to go for the better insurance plan, even if it means we have to pay for it ourselves (as tough as that will be... its a necessity!) And once the baby is born? We are going to cut ourselves off the insurance and just cover the baby. We are relatively healthy and I'm not too concerned about us... but a child is another matter. Walking disease buckets (or crawling ha) so it's a good idea.

I'm nervous because suddenly I have to clean the house in under three hours (as well as run to the post office!) and shower, do hair and make up and try and look very pregnant (I'm not ashamed to play the pregnant card!) and make myself presentable... Brian isn't getting off work until 4 or 4:15, so he might not make it home at 5... which leaves me to entertain a possible shark on my own. Great. Do I go to the store and get something to drink and snacks? Or do I play the poor card ("I'm sorry, all I have to drink is water and milk") and not offer him a snack? I want to be a good hostess... but I don't want to ruin our chances by appearing too snooty... so I don't know.

Or it could go really really well and not be a scam. I'm keeping my skeptic cap on but I still got my glass half full, so we will see. I try to trust my gut, and part of it is saying "ABORT!" but I at least want to hear the guy out.

It should be amusing at the very least. Updates soon!

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  1. Just offer him water - hey! It's healthy!

    Sounds like a really great deal! Little word of warning about cutting yourselves off on the insurance. You may need lactation counseling if you're planning to breast feed - and kids are also GREAT at bringing things home to mommy and daddy!

    Hopefully this insurance is really great though and will give you a reprieve!

    I've lived without insurance for a few years. We had to be REALLY careful. All it takes is an accidental slip and fall to break something, or get into a car accident, or cut something badly enough to need stitches, and you're screwed...


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