Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Complete Waste of Time

Ah, well turns out it was a LIFE insurance salesman yesterday. Our friends who nominated us told us it was HEALTH insurance, not LIFE insurance, so we kept waiting through this guy's song and dance to get to the important stuff.

Finally, Brian said "We'll let you know"

And the guy said "In my experience, just so you know, that means 'no'"

I looked at him and tried not to laugh in his face.
He kept trying to push us into getting it.

"It's only $24 a month."

Brian responded "Well if you are going to force us to choose today, we are going to have to decline. Sorry, we thought you were for health insurance, which is what we need. Thanks for meeting with us today. Have a nice day."

I was very impressed. Brian usually doesn't tell people no, or even to get lost, but he did both, quite eloquently too!

So the guy left, and I signed us up for Brian's insurance through work. We went with the middle plan (There were three to choose from) which will be sufficient for our needs. I would have liked the highest plan, but he would have been basically working for free, and I can't have that.

So, I finally have insurance and can go to the doctor again next month when it becomes active. Hurray!

Also- here is a question for you all... What does my dog, babies, and a Flipcam have in common? Stay tuned to find out! It will be exciting!

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  1. Well, dogs and babies have a lot in common! lol There is a reason we call them "furkids"! - and we take lots of photos of both!


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