Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy Days Ahead

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my parents. My mom gave me her xbox to sell for her but now wants it back. I think she's going through withdrawal.

I go to the doctor for an ultrasound and check up on Wednesday at 9 am. I'll be finding out for sure if I am having a baby or not.

Brian is going to get his hair cut at his aunt's salon on Thursday. We are taking my car in again and getting it looked at on Thursday as well.

We are going out of town on Saturday to visit his grandparents in Valparaiso. I am excited. Grandma and Grandpa S adore me! How could they not? :P

I'm getting my hair done on the following Tuesday. I have to drive by myself. I know. I'm scared too.

I'm pretty sure that I will get pictures from the ultrasound. And I am pretty sure that I am going to stick them in a frame and carry them around and show them to his aunt and cousin at the salon. And I am pretty sure that I am going to be making copies to send to my Granny in Tennessee and his parents and grandparents, and my parents too (if they want them, that is)

I'm going to have to look again at my registries and make sure that I have everything I want/need on there. I definitely want a baby book and I definitely need a lot of shit, so we will see. In the meantime though, I'm going to be reading some more pregnancy blogs. I found a few I really like and a few I don't really care too much for. Sometimes I think mommy blogs are really fake and I like the ones that are real. You know, where they are funny and filled with typos and stuff. Kind of like my blog, I guess.

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  1. Busy busy busy! Your schedule is starting to look like mine! lol Thankfully, my week days have calmed down, but my weekend evenings are taken up with shows until the end of the month.


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