Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh Baby! Furniture Shopping and Baby In Utero

Well I am officially looking for baby furniture hard core! You would not believe the amount of hours I've spent scouring the internet and local ads for baby furniture.

I found a nice second hand set that someone listed on Craigslist for $45 but, it's probably sold by now. I called the owner and they said that they had someone cancel on the sale, did I want to come look today? I said I did and then they told us, well, we just had another offer, so if they cancel on us, we will let you know. Damn.

It was a nice set too, and one of those "fancy" convertible cribs. It came with a mattress, even. And all the hardware! So whoever gets it is very lucky to say the least. I hope it goes to a family who really needed it.

I made a list of "brand new" cribs that I wanted too. The most I'd ever spend on a crib would be $150 and that is only if it's a convertible crib. Wal-Mart had some really nice ones for $120-160 that fit the bill. Free shipping to the store, too.

$120- converts from crib to toddler/daybed

$140 converts from crib to toddler/daybed. This is my fav. And the most expensive. Go figure.

I found another new one that was $100 and it was a convertible crib and it got great reviews, also from Wal-Mart. I read all the reviews too, and the negative ones were like "damaged during shipping to home" so it wasn't a complaint on the quality of the item.

This one converts to a toddler bed too! Hurray! Brian thinks this one is ugly :(

I want to get a crib before the babe arrives, because I don't really need a stroller if I can use one of those baby wearing carriers (at least for a while) so that is next up on my to buy list. I'm scouring Craigslist every day for any new additions.

Mom and Gamma: Seriously, if you can find one, BUY IT!! I will pay you back. I've got a baby fund going now, so I'm stuffing away any extra money I can into a baby bank and using it to buy a crib/mattress/whatever. And I have the crib/mattress listed on my registry, for that slim hope that someone will just buy us one :)

Brian is getting super excited about the baby too! He's really getting into looking at baby furniture and stuff with me. I think it's because I felt the baby kick for the first time the other night. He said that it seems real to him now. The first signs of a new life (wait... wasn't that the heartbeat?!) I can't blame him though, for not thinking it's really happening to us. After all, I hardly believe it either! It's so sweet how he is acting! I get loads more hugs and kisses, and even the baby bump gets hugs and kisses too. Aww! Not to mention all the extra attention I am getting. "Are you ok? Do you want/need anything?"

I'm officially 20 weeks (by the last menstrual period) and 18 weeks (by the actual conception date) I'm half way through the pregnancy now, so here is what the baby looks like this week!
Taken from I totally look like that too.
Not sure why it had to point out where the vagina was, I'm pretty sure I knew where that was located. Other weird points of interest? Baby skin and baby bowels. Uh.. yeah I think that comes standard on all babies. Or is it just me? (For reference, it's letting you know that baby's bowels are there and working, but are still in stasis. Also its covered in a cheesy wax.)

This week, Baby is the length of a banana! Weighing in at 10.5 ounces, it's 66% of a pound! Weee! The little bugger has been kicking and swimming, doing flips and shit all day today (and yesterday). In fact, I can pretty much tell you that any time I'm sitting still for more than 15 minutes, it starts kicking hard. Like, "GET UP MOM!" A preview of my life to come.

And just for kicks and giggles (like the baby is doing to me right now) here is what fraternal twins look like in the womb. I'm pretty sure we're only having one, but you never know! I haven't been to an ultra sound yet (next month!) so anything can happen.

Also taken from 
We've picked out the final baby names too, one for a boy and one for a girl, even though we are pretty sure it's a girl. Or a boy. It's one or the other. 

Alexis Nicole for a girl
Drake Lee for a boy

My parents have also picked out their names! Mom is Grandma Boo and Dad is Grandpa Boo! LOL :) 


  1. lol Looks like you're having fun! Remember to go through if you order something through! You'll get MONEY BACK AND free shipping if you send it to the store! :)

  2. I love the names (of course I am bias as to the girls name because my oldest daughters name is Alexis and Nicole was in the running for a middle name Marie won).

  3. Yay!! The one thing I miss about being preggo is feeling the baby move. Congratulations!


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