Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fiber-Infused Apple Juice

I love apple juice. It's no secret really. So when my baby dr told me to "drink fruit juice- 2 servings a day" since I don't like fruit, well, no problem! I actually like all juice, which proves my theory that it is texture, not taste, that bothers me.

I got some apple juice at Wal-Mart, the "Great Value" store brand. You know, I like store brands. This was no exception. The juice was great. But I noticed something neat about this brand that I haven't seen on my regular brand... and that is, it is fortified with fiber. Each 8 ounce serving has 3g of fiber added to it (as well as vitamin C, this could be why I hardly ever really get colds)

I generally can drink a half gallon of apple juice in under a day (if it's all I drink that day) and can finish a gallon off in under 2 days. Now that it has some of the added benefits of eating real fruit (yay fiber!) it's going to be impossible for me to quit drinking it.

I also got half a gallon of cranberry-pomegranate juice, which I finished the first day I got it. I LOVE tart juice!
I'm going to have to get more, definitely!

Everyone is talking about making goals and plans for this August, and I have some too. Mine are pretty basic, and non-traditional. Here we go...

-Get insurance. We can finally sign up for Brian's insurance through his work. But we might also qualify for free insurance... more on that when I figure it out. I'm kind of skeptical, yet hopeful.
-Save money. I am putting away 10% of all money that comes in this household. Whether it's tips or pay checks or commissions for art, it's getting saved.
-Hang out with friends more. I really am enjoying hanging out with my friend Carissa and hope to see more of her! Maybe later today. We will see.
-Make an extreme effort to exercise. I'm starting my prenatal yoga dvd tomorrow, so I'll let you know how that goes.

In other, exciting news! I am going to be doing a giveaway- like, THIS WEEK!- and a product review, which will include video, my dog, and something to do with babies... you'll have to check it out!

Have a happy and safe week, friends!

PS... Tricia? Brian is totally working on your free commission. He's almost got it done, should be done by Thursday.

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  1. Juice is awesome! Just be careful with it! Often times the store brands are nearly ALL sugar. Fruit has some natural sugar and fiber in it, but juices that aren't 100% juice are usually all sugar. Apple juice always made me constipated. Go figure! I can EAT apples w/o a problem though.

    Cranberry juice is GREAT for kicking out a UTI! Drink as much as you can!


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