Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello My Baby- The Gender REVEAL!!

Today was the day. Getting ready to see my child for the first time, in black and white. Hopefully, I'll see it in technicolor soon enough!

Our appointment was god awful early. I don't know how any one regularly gets up before noon. I suppose this is part of being a work at home (soon to be) mom because I tend to work the late shifts, so I'm always up stupid late anyway. This was a test of will (and caffeine)

The day started off with lots of bathroom time. I had to completely empty my bladder and then proceed to fill it back up (yeah, I don't get that logic either) to the point where I was, and I quote the nurse, "really full but not quite uncomfortable". Uh, it's always uncomfortable. Anyway, so we had to get there a little early to fill out some extra paperwork (we changed insurances, remember?) and then we waited for the technician. Now I got a slip of paper that said

The technician will not be able to answer ANY questions

And this, I understand. It's the doctor's job to diagnose any potential problems. But I mean, they couldn't even tell us whether or not we are having a boy/girl/multiples/squids?

So they slap some jelly on me.

It's the moment of truth. The moment where I see my unborn child for the first time. I have been looking forward to this exact moment since we found out we were expecting. I was happy with the Doppler and hearing the heartbeat, but here is the first glimpse (no matter how small, or pixelated) of my child. I am beyond ecstatic. I know that there is a good chance I won't be able to decipher what the heck is going on on the screen. I warned Brian last night that this was my moment. That this is what I have been waiting for. That if he doesn't LOOK or ACT excited, he is going to deeply hurt my feelings. (for the record, he was excited about the heartbeat, but I didn't see him LOOK or ACT excited and it pissed me off)

Deep breaths everyone. Breathe in, breathe out.

This shit is about to get real.

It's hard to see, but that is a scrotum and a tiny little baby winky.

Winky again!

The baby was swimming around so much that the tech had trouble getting pictures for a while! Brian got a little motion sickness from the whole experience hehe poor thing. We found out Baby F is definitely a boy!! We have it confirmed on two different pics/angles, and we saw the umbilical cord in color, so we know for sure that we are having a boy.

Praise the heavens. Now I can get my tubes tied :P I'm kidding. It was so amazing. Our technician was a blast to have. She was so smart and she explained to us everything, and guess what? She answered questions. So I was happy!!

Everyone say hello to Drake :) I'm 21 weeks along today and my due date is not far off from the initial one I was given. December 29th, 2011. I'm doing great, the baby is doing great, and even Brian is doing great! His mom was a little disappointed with the fact we are having a boy (she wanted a girl so bad) but I'm sure she will get over it eventually. My side? Happy it's a boy. Happier he's healthy!



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