Friday, August 5, 2011

The Hip Bone is Connected to...

So another common thing in pregnancy I didn't know about: sleeping on your side over extends your hip and makes it excruciatingly painful! But that's okay, I googled it and figured it out. I guess as early as 16 weeks (4 months) your hip muscles start to loosen up to help make room for baby, both as baby starts to expand and also in preparation of delivery, where the pelvis actually separates. Stretching/light exercise helps as do body pillows running the length of your leg.

Today I was feeling the hurt, so I got on my recumbent and I did 20 minutes of biking on the lowest resistance. I managed 3.25 miles and 120 calories in 20 minutes, so that worked out great. I also have a Yoga Momma dvd from Crunch on Netflix that I watched today. I normally watch a workout video first, it helps me remember what  the next move coming up is, so I can kind of focus on form and not being confused.

It's really neat because it has women of all body sizes and different stages of pregnancy in it, so I don't really feel like I am out of place.

Of course I did all of this after I had a bacon and cheese on toast for breakfast. Don't judge.

I work a lot today but I do have a couple hours off where I think I can do some of the Yoga Momma if not all of it, to help with the pelvis.

Other than that, I'm doing really well and am proud of the fact I did 20 minutes of any kind of biking, whether it was low resistance or not.

I'm exhausted from my little bike ride and now I need some caffeine! I got a long day ahead of me. I think I'll make some coffee. Brian's just gone off to work, thank goodness he is feeling better. He even took his anxiety meds with him and we had a nice long talk about how it's okay to use them if he needs them, and how much better I have been since I've been on them. And he agrees, he said he still feels like it's his fault that we went to the ER and is beating himself up about it but I don't care honestly. I told him we are lucky that it was nothing, imagine how much worse it would have been.

He has the day off tomorrow so he can work on some of his commissions and get them out of the way. Which would make me happy! :)

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