Friday, August 26, 2011


Optimism is a strange thing for me. Despite being a huge worry wart, I think I am rather optimistic. At least, I have hope. But there are times when I feel like nothing will ever go right again, I wonder if I am just a pessimist? I don't like being pessimistic in the slightest, it's no fun.

I try to always look on the bright side of things. I really do.

I also tend to over think things and come up with elaborate plans. I like "grand schemes," plans that sound delightfully elaborate and exciting. I tend to dream big....

But the downside is, those things often fail and when they do, I fall. I fall hard.

I've embraced two new mottos.

I did my best. Give 100% of myself every day. No regrets. It's not hard to let go of regrets since I have virtually none... but it is more challenging to give 100%. Work as much as I can. Put all my effort into it. Do as much as I can around the house... not half assed. You know... just pick a task no matter how big or small and just do it 100%. Feel good about that. And then feed off of it.

Keep it simple, Stupid. Ah, an oldie but a goody. I'm hoping that the simpler I keep things, the simpler things will be. Makes sense right? Trying not to make mountains out of mole hills, so to speak. I'm approaching this in every aspect. Bills, housework, working, baby stuff, you know... just keeping it real, keeping it old school, and keeping it simple.

Well that's my self reflection for the day. I've picked my brain and my nose for long enough. I'll see you all later.

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  1. What a great post! What helps me focus is to ask myself (when I feel like slacking), "How will this make me feel?" Usually, it'll make me feel worried, anxious, etc when I feel like slacking off. When I think of "How would it feel if I actually completed/accomplished zyx?" usually the allure of feeling happy, satisfied, excited, etc is worth it.

    Just make sure to set yourself up for success and make attainable small goals. Once those are reached, make bigger ones. For example, we need to raise some money for the vacation/honeymoon/wedding next year. So how are we gonna do that? Saving one days at a time! :) Even BIG things don't happen overnight - and patience is SO hard sometimes! (Though I don't need to tell YOU that - pregnancy is a long haul!)


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