Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurray!I'm off

Brian's been knocking out commissions left and right lately and finished up one today. We got paid for it and I decided that- hey! we need groceries.

It's true. We had ravioli, popcorn, and ramen in the cupboard and nothing at all in the fridge.

I asked Brian what he wanted for dinner this week... always a bad idea since he never knows.

"Spaghetti!" came the answer. I asked him what else, but he said that he wanted to eat spaghetti all week. Fair enough. I love big easy meals like that.... chili, chicken and noodles, spaghetti, anything I can make a huuuuge batch of and eat for days on end = win!

But he eventually came up with some more ideas. We checked the store ads and found out we were smack dab in the middle of a 10/$10 mix and match (11th item free)... and a lot of delicious things were on sale. 2 liters of soda? We got 11! Hamburger Helper, Chicken helper, spaghetti sauce (score!), tacos, ground beef, chicken, cheese, Stouffer's pizzas, garlic bread, sausage, biscuits.... every thing we put in our cart was on sale! Not all qualified for the 10 for $10 but it came in handy!

Tonight we are having bone in center cut pork chops with macaroni and cheese.... another one of his suggestions. Good call.

I'm off to finish dinner now!

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