Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Shower! & Ramblings

I had so much fun at our baby shower Saturday! We got lots and lots and lots of great gifts! Our nursery is very stuffed full of delightful gifts and I haven't had any motivation to start sorting it out. We also got some money, which we needed! I finished buying everything else we didn't get from our registry, so now we have everything! Hurray!!

The rest of the money (there was plenty left over) went straight into savings and now we have over half of our starter emergency fund, rent is paid, and we are starting on next month's expenses! A whole week early, but it is so much better than we have been doing.

This baby is a blessing in so many ways. We are finally getting our act together- paying bills on time/early, saving, and keeping up the house are just a few of the perks we didn't really think about before.

After a quick power nap (who knew showers could be so exhausting?) I got a bug up my butt about doing laundry. I've done 4 loads today and am slowly working my way through our mess of a walk in closet.

Pretty much this week is going to be about cleaning our room up so we can get the nursery sorted out and put everything together. I am very excited about how much wonderful stuff we have! I feel so blessed. I know it sounds cheesy (oh she's so hormonal, she's blessed about everything) but it really shows how much friends and family care. It's a scary transition to suddenly be expecting a child and not have any clue on how to do anything at all.

Enjoy the pictures! There aren't any of family/people in them, because I didn't take any. I'll have to wait until I get some from other family members.

The cake! the booties have a place to put a name and date on them hehe

The candy I made! Ducks for Drake!

The cute table

The present area- it filled up overflowing after I took the pic, hehe

Welcome baby!

Nursery is packed!

My goodies, my goodies!
A diaper genie (pail), diapers, blankets, stroller
clothes, ... you get the idea!

Car seat.

The bags/tub is full of baby clothes I have yet to sort

This high chair is super nice- it reclines in 3 different positions to accommodate baby in various stages

This 'bouncy' chair vibrates to simulate car rides! the screw drivers
are a nice touch as well. :P

Diaper bag stuffed full of goodies!
Pacifiers, wipes, wash cloths, diaper cream, etc

This mobile is so cute, and such a steal! :)
And yes, that is a Borderlands video game poster on the wall. 


  1. it was fun and everyone was so nice to come

  2. Looks like a great time! I bet it's such a relief to have the shopping list DONE!

    It's great that this is helping you guys mature and grow as well. Sean and I have a little disagreement about the definition of a "role model" and the kind of parents we want to be but no serious conversations should ever be had when you've been awake for nearly 24 hours straight. lol I'm sure it'll all come together when we add kiddoes...AT LEAST a year from now. :)


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