Friday, September 23, 2011


It's 3:20 am not all that late really

But I am incredibly sleepless, restless, etc.

My uterus is growing again. I can tell because it's sharp, stabbing pain in my abdomen currently where the top of my uterus resides (about 2 inches above my belly button). It hurts to breathe deeply. It hurts to breathe normally. It hurts to bend over. It hurts to move. It just hurts.

So here I am typing away while my husband snores. I could spend the hours glaring at him but really that isn't fair since he works tomorrow. Today, rather.

I am jealous of him. He sleeps so well and soundly most nights. I say most nights because sometimes I have really bad heartburn and spend half the night retching in the bathroom (I try to be polite and quiet.)

He then goes to the store to get me some Zantec because he knows it's the only thing that will stop the heartburn and the vomiting and the uncontrollable sobbing.

In just 5 short days I will be out of the second trimester and in the home stretch! That means... a lot more uterus pain for me haha. Being only 5ft4 ish... I don't have a lot of torso. I'm continuing to bulge out. My uterus is already near my sternum, and apparently I have three more inches of upward growing to do.. I don't think that is going to happen!

I do think my belly button will "pop" though. I can see it stretching out and it is becoming shallower. I can actually see the whole thing, even the bottom of it. Which is odd because even when I was skinny I couldn't see it. Now that I am turning into the very definition of "round" I can see it.

If I move my boobs out of the way, I can see an inch of my toes. That is fast disappearing though.

I've been crocheting up sections for the baby blanket. I got 2 and 2/3 of my 9 patches done.

Then I can start on my dad's man sized baby booties.

I'm exhausted and so ready to collapse. I can't though. Too much achiness. Hoping that the Excedrin will kick in soon. Even the baby (who is normally very active at this time of night/early morning) is silent and still- perhaps he knows that this is not a good time to swim around. Mom is already on edge. Haha.

I did a lot today. Er, yesterday. It's still my today. I did a lot. I went to the grocery store and bought food for the baby shower. I bought stuff for sloppy joe sandwiches, a fruit tray, veggie tray, and cheese tray. Vegetable dip and fruit dip. 6 different types of soda. In the mail I got my supplies for candy making. I spent today testing it out. Yep, delicious. Now I get to spend tomorrow making it all. Woohoo!

Shoot. I forgot crackers. Maybe grandma or mom will read this and buy some (hint!)

Ah I am going to go drink some water or something and watch Harry Potter until I fall asleep.


  1. ok you got it kid.... potato chips, dip, cake, plates, cups and crackers. Hope u feeling better . love u see you sat party on hehe grama :>)

  2. Harry Potter is awesome to snooze through. I love long fantasy movies for that. :)
    Hang in there! I hear that most women who were looking forward to pregnancy are so over it by this point.
    If you're in such pain at 5'4", I can only imagine how my 4'11" friend felt!


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