Thursday, September 15, 2011

Completely Average

Most people don't want to be average in their lives, but I can tell you one thing: I am so so happy I am having an "average" pregnancy.

Here's the run down...

Blood pressure: 128/60- Completely normal. Pre-preggers my blood pressure was through the roof, and very much borderline requiring treatment. Last check up I had at my regular doctor had me at 178/80

Weight: 239. Officially the highest I have ever weighed in my life, but completely average weight gain for pregnancy. I am at 25 weeks and have gained 17 lbs, 4 of which were in the last month- an average of 1 lb a week- which is right on target. (I might gain the 30 or so lbs of baby weight that a lot of women gain, but I am coming to terms with that.)

Uterus measurement: "Right on the money," according to my doctor. I seem to have run out of space in my abdomen for my internal organs because of the baby, but it's completely normal! Actually, Brian and I found out where my fundus was (the top part of the uterus) just by pressing up my abdomen. Currently, it's about an inch above my belly button.

Drake was kind enough to kick and squirm the entire check up and my doctor again, said that it was a sign of healthy growth and that he was pleased with our progress.

Baby heart rate: 138 beats a minute. The range at this stage is 120-160, so again, I fall in the completely average area. When I first had the heart rate checked, it was a little high, but it seems Drake and I have both mellowed out.

So it's good to know that I am still going strong. 25 weeks 1 day is where I am at now.

Next month I have my gestational diabetes testing- I am so not looking forward to it. I am deeply terrified of being told I am diabetic. But I know that whatever comes my way, I will do what I have to. Hopefully if I am diagnosed it does not mean that I will be diabetic afterwards, though I might continue on with the lifestyle just to be sure.

So the count down is on... 15 weeks until baby Drake makes his appearance. Or thereabouts lol

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  1. YAY! Average is definitely awesome in this case. :)

    15 weeks will be over before you know it.

    Sleep while you can. ;)


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