Sunday, September 18, 2011


Oh yes dear friends,

I either have been afflicted with the nesting instinct, or some sort of bug that requires me to do all the cleaning ever.

I am hoping it is the former and not the latter. The former is curable... the latter feels like a disease. Ha!

First up on the nesting chopping block? We got a whole bunch of stuff from my mom yesterday that she had bought at a garage sale (more on everything later) and one of the items was Winnie the Pooh bedding (at a steal for $5)

I have piled everything in the nursery thinking "I'll get to this tomorrow" however I can't stop thinking about it. I have started to clean. 

I need to move the recliner out of the nursery so I can bring in a dresser and a rocking chair. The recliner will be going in our bedroom, for now. Which means I need to clean the bedroom and get all the laundry done so I can have a place to put the recliner.

The washing machine is already running and I have officially flipped my lid, cleaning out the closet, the bedroom and piling all the clothes by the door, sorting through them. Nothing crazy! Just towels, bedding, jeans, tops, underwear/sock piles. I am not even sorting by colors/whites. Just making things a little easier.

Then I have a list of things for Brian to do!

  • Pick up all the trash in both rooms
  • Vacuum
  • Clean the bathrooms up (empty the trash, clean the mirror/sink)

 And this can be handled while I am putting away all the clothes! We have a lot of clothes.

I have a clear plastic dresser thing with 3 drawers that is going into the baby's room. This is going to be filled with baby things like burp cloths and changing pad cloth things... simply because those items are so essential, I'd love to see where they are!

There was one thing I could do immediately to help satisfy part of my nesting twitch, and here it is. I put the bedding on the crib.

See? I even took pictures. This should indicate the seriousness of my condition.

This crib looks too empty and lonely...

There, I fixed it.

Brian even took notice of me cleaning .

"You are going to be a great mother."
"Why?" *as I fumble with a dust ruffle* "Do dust ruffles go under the mattress?"
"What's a dust ruffle?"
"I think it's this thing."
"Huh, no idea."
"So what were you saying about me being a great mother?"
"Just that it's really cute how you're getting all into this."

More shenanigans as they unfold, I promise! PS what color do you think we should paint the nursery? We are kind of going Winnie the Pooh themed.


  1. yellow! I think yellow is a cheerful color, mommy! :)

  2. Maybe a light green shade? That way baby boogers would show up. ;) he he he.


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