Monday, September 26, 2011

The Shoe's On the Other Foot

Well in between working a lot, I have been crocheting. I decided to put off the baby blanket for the moment, because my dad wanted a pair of booties for himself, and I was worried I would run out of yarn half way through. So I got one of them done yesterday, and I did it in the women's sizes instead of the mens... Actually, half way through, I tried it on, found out it fit me just fine, so I ended up going for the CHILD's size.

After it was all done, it fit me perfectly, but my dad's feet are just a shade bigger than mine. Curious, I asked Brian to try it on, and it stretched to fit him perfectly too! Brian wears a size 12, and I think my dad is a 9.

So it stretches, yet holds it's shape. Perfect. I made notes all over the pattern and am starting the second one today. Dad will have new booties by Thursday :)

I'm doing good, pregnancy wise. Besides an incurable back ache and some rather persistent heart burn, I've been doing pretty well keeping myself from going insane. Cleaning helps a lot, and so does working extra hours. I have a full week this week- working 42 hours (still got 1 day off!)

Laundry is dwindling, fast. Brian's been very helpful, for which I'm grateful.

I've even had some time to play video games. Currently replaying Dragon Age as a rogue dwarf, which is nice but harder than it sounds!

How are you all doing?

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  1. Sean traded Dragon age 3 in recently! I wanted to try it, but I barely have times to play the games I have already.
    I think I know what kind of booties you're making. A friend of mine made me some once. LOVED them! So comfy. :)


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