Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday's Here...Finally.

My only day off this week is Thursday, yet I keep managing to pick up hours. I know I really don't need to. I usually manage 25-30 hours a week and that's great- my income is technically all "free" meaning I don't need to use it for any expenses, except food.

Yet, I started off this week with 39 hours. Wow, 39 hours! I was so excited. I then booked an additional 7 hours. I'm up to 46. Sigh. I work a whopping 14 hours on Saturday. I think... I will cancel some of those. Like, 6 of them, so I can have a semi-day off.

Anyway, despite a long long week, last night our friend came over and he had his little girl with him. She just turned 2. It's been forever since I have seen a 2 year old. I was so nervous about her coming over with Max, I didn't think he would hurt her or anything, I just thought he'd knock her over and make her cry or something.

At first he was VERY eager to be all over her. But after a few "Ah-ah!"s and "Leave it!"'s he calmed down considerably. She did everything that a two year old would do- laugh, cry, scream, giggle, run, pick up his toys, throw them at his head, pat him on the head, tell him NO, give him kisses, freak out when he gave her kisses back...

And my dog did VERY well. I am so impressed. This is a dog who just shakes if you look at him wrong. I wasn't sure how he would handle a child. I figured he would start shaking and drooling... but I was wrong. He loved playing with that little girl and knew exactly when he was being too rambunctious and when he was being a good dog.

Wow. There was a moment where he was laying down and she went up to him and sat against his side and they looked so precious... I grabbed my camera... but then her daddy told her it was time for her to eat and he ruined my photo op! But that's alright.

Today I am going to do my best to just work on my other bootie I am making for my dad, instead of playing Dragon Age every chance I get! I also need to eat sometime today...something that just isn't fast food. Ugh. I think tonight we will have chicken stir fry for dinner, and I am going to make extra so I can eat it tomorrow too.

Hope that everyone has been having a good week so far.

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