Saturday, October 8, 2011

14 hours later

After 14 hours of sleeping I feel much better! I can scarcely believe I slept 14 hours, almost all of which was straight through... but apparently I needed it. Hubster is feeling loads better too, thanks to some OTC meds and getting out of the house. Me? I laid around in my nightie all day drinking water and listening to my favorite audio book while drifting in an out of sleep.

One thing I noticed about sleeping... it's getting more difficult to change positions. I have to hold and support my belly now if I want to swap from laying on my left to laying on my right, otherwise, I get HUGE muscle cramps that feel like charlie horses. In the uterus.

Also, my butt fell asleep while laying on my left side. I don't know what that was about, but it was awkward.

Knitting is going fairly well today! Practice makes manageable, as they say. Or was that perfect? I'm far too lazy to shoot for perfect, but I'll go for C+/B- any day. I'm 5 rows in and got about an inch of work done. I need 8 inches. So 5 rows x 7 inches = 35 more rows until I am done with my first project! Woohoo! I don't think I will be using this yarn again though, it unravels too easily and is generally frustrating to work with. But do I start over with a different yarn, losing my progress? Or do I forge ahead and say "screw it" and get it done as soon as possible? Hmm. Only time will tell. Some great advice I got from a friend, use circular needles even if knitting flat instead of in the round. Which seems like a lot of knitters do. My needles are almost too small to hold all of my work on, but it's manageable for now.

I'm absolutely loving my new maternity clothes. I will have to wait to take pictures though, it's been too hot to wear them. Everything about them is awesome. The tops fit wonderfully, are incredibly soft and flattering, and they weren't too pricey. $60 for the tops, $40 for the pants. Okay, so a little pricey. I spent $100 on two outfits... but it's worth it. I rarely buy clothes, choosing instead to wear the heck out of them, so this is a nice little reward. I might shop exclusively at Old Navy though after I have the baby, and maybe buying 1 article of clothing a month as part of my allowance, and having cute and fashionable clothing. That would be nice. If you are plus sized and looking for cute, fashionable clothing that doesn't make you look like a cow stuffed in some fabric, check out Old Navy's plus sized section. Unfortunately, it's all on line only, but if you spend $50, free shipping. Which is a great deal, since they have stuff on sale all the time. And it's sizes 16-30 so I am sure you will find something you like!

It's 5 am here and since I slept all day yesterday I am finding it hard to go to bed now. I think I'll work on my knitting some more. Hope everyone has a great day!

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