Friday, October 7, 2011


All of a sudden, I wake up! 

Hello children, here it is 4 pm in the afternoon and I wake up for approximately 10 minutes to eat a turkey and colby jack sandwich (on wheat, no less!) and now my eyes are heavy again. I feel achy, sore, and very tired. I think... I'm catching whatever Brian has. Which appears to be a head cold.

Goodie! He is apologizing every 5 minutes for getting me sick, but it's alright. I work from home. We bought drugs! Yay drugs! Daytime sinus headache and decongestant! It's safe for me to take too! So I'll probably load up on that here in a minute and shamble back to bed.

I did wake from the land of the dreamers long enough to pick up my package from the post office. I got my maternity clothes from Old Navy. More on that tomorrow. For now, it's sleepy time.

My head feels very stuffed up and like it might just explode, which seems to be how Brian feels too. Oh well. He has to work today, so I hope that he doesn't have too rough of a night. Time for me to go cuddle the puppy dog and sleep away this cold before it actually starts. Hi ho blankie, away!

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