Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adventures in Baby Land

Last night, after a hormonal meltdown, Brian decided it was best to get me out of the house. So we went to our favorite late night haunt- Meijer. There we looked at baby things and electronics and video games and basically whatever we could look at. 

I found a book called 100,001+ Baby Names and decided to look up Drake. Depending on which website you go to, Drake means either "male duck" or "dragon". I'm happy with both meanings. Ducks are cute as heck, and dragons couldn't be any more bad ass. 

In that book, Drake meant "dragon like" (let's hope he's not scaly or breathes fire) and then it listed all the alternate spellings with the same meaning. I like the original the best. Brian likes Drayk. My second choice was Draeke but that seems a little excessive. We decided it would be best if we just went with the original spelling. Drake isn't common enough to have to worry about alternate spellings. I feel if we chose one of the more unique versions, people would mispronounce his name and of course, spell it wrong. Having my name spelled wrong my entire life, it's frustrating. (Right, J?? lol) 

We then ventured over to the craft section where we found wood and foam letters of the alphabet. We thought it would be a cool and really inexpensive way to decorate his room if we picked out the letters and painted them. $2.35/letter in wood or $2.55/letter in cardboard covered rigid foam... We are going with wood. And paint was really cheap- $0.80/bottle. 

I nearly lost it when we went to the baby book section. I love Dr Seuss and remember being read my favorite story over and over again by my mom. Green Eggs and Ham. My mom was such a good story teller- she always got so into character. (Turns out, she got annoyed with that real quick) I loved every moment of it. To this day, we still quote it. I read it in the store and got teary eyed (damn hormones) and then started looking around for my other favorite book. Berenstein Bears Inside Outside Upside Down. Unfortunately they didn't have it. I will buy that book for my child. 

Brian was most excited about this turtle thing. It's a constellation mobile so it projects stars on the walls and ceiling and plays soft music or something. He thinks it is so cool. I'm sure we will have to get it eventually. I'm excited about books and he's excited about stars... seems like both of us are dreamers ;)

All in all, it was great to get out of the house and I was happy to see all the baby stuff. We didn't even buy anything either, that is the best part hehe. Well, okay, we got a frozen pizza and we each got a kit kat bar :)


  1. A friend of mine painted her sons nursury with Dr. Suess' chacters on the walls

  2. OMG It's SOOOoooo annoying to have people not be able to pronounce or spell your name! I'm sure Drake will thank you! Otherwise he'll end up being "D" or something like that.

    "let's hope he's not scaly or breathes fire" or takes up hoarding... or has a taste for village virgins...

    I use going "window shopping" as one of the ways I get out twice a day. Since Sean's been gone, I've been to Trader Joe's, Micheal, World Market (LOVE!), and Barnes and Nobel (MORE LOVE! Their Holiday tea is AWESOME and is finally out!).

    I have a BUNCH of discounted Children's books. (Try to find Little Black Sambo on the shelf!) If there are a few you can't find, let me know! I might be willing to pass on some goodies.

  3. Congrats! I've been away for so long, I didn't know your happy news. Blessings!

  4. Congrats! Choosing a name is a huge step! I love Drake, it sounds strong and it's definitely easy to pronounce.
    I think I've learned some of life's most important lessons from the Bernstein Bears!


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