Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jam Packed

I decided that I was going to be ambitious and put away all of the baby's clothes in the dresser yesterday. We have a lot of baby clothes.

This grey tub is so stuffed full of baby clothes that I have no idea how it all fits in there. We got a great deal on all of the clothes and they range from 0-24 months. The tub came with the car seat (seen peeking on the right), a baby bath tub, a belly wedge pillow, and a postpartum belly band for $10. Yeah, I know. It wasn't so much a deal as a steal. The plastic bags and the party bag are filled with baby clothes too. 

I had started sorting when we were cleaning up the nursery a bit- putting all of the baby's bibs, hats, shoes, and socks in a white plastic drawer- but I was finally ready to tackle this mountain of clothing. And what a mountain it was. 

I have successfully stuffed all of the drawers full of baby clothes... except I only managed to get 0-6 months in and a handful of 9 months. I still have a tub full of clothes. I was debating on getting another dresser (probably plastic) or bins or something for it, but Brian brought up a good point. We will just keep those clothes where they are and in 6-9 months or so, swap them out for the bigger sizes.

No one knows that this thing could explode at any moment....

I also taped the paint swatch to the wall today so I could see the color Brian picked out. It's called Wonder Blue.
Brian made fun of me for taping it to the wall lol I wonder why? ;)

We aren't painting all of the walls, just a wide band near the top for a pop of color and we are getting some shelves and painting them the same color of blue. We aren't sure if we will still be in this apartment come March when our lease is up, but we might stay. It really depends on a number of factors. So we didn't want to commit to painting just because we might have to turn around again in 6 months and paint it all back white. I hate painting. Glad I get to sit this one out.

With the rocking chair coming in and our recliner going out today, all we have left to do is paint and decorate. I do need a new lamp though, or one of those 3 way bulbs for the one we have currently.

Here's the rocking chair! It's one of those nice gliders.

Rock a bye baby... on the tree top...

Time flies when one is having fun! Poor Brian though, he's going to have to do all of the painting. Maybe I can bribe ask his brother to help out. Food and beer- always a winner, right?

Now I also need to just rearrange the furniture, and we will be done... but we will do that after painting!

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  1. Smart guy that Brian! I totally agree on only putting the clothes you're going to need within easy reach (in the dresser) and storing the other ones until they are needed. Then you can swap them out and decide what to do with the baby clothes that are too small (keep them, give them away, sell 'em, whatever). I would totally fail a a hoarding class. If I don't love it or need it, it isn't in the house. :)


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