Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Cutest Thing

The cutest thing in the world at the moment: Drake has been getting hiccups. It may seem weird, but babies in the womb can get hiccups just like the rest of us. Why? No one knows. They aren't swallowing air, so it doesn't make sense. But they are practicing their breathing techniques, so it might just be muscle spasms of the diaphragm. The human body really is amazing when you think about it!

If I hadn't read that babies get hiccups then I would not have known this was going on. It feels very faint and rhythmic, way more frequent than a kick or punch, and about half as strong. It happens every 2-3 seconds and continues for about 1-2 minutes. Yes, I time them. Why not? It's good practice for contractions!

Yesterday he got the hiccups twice, and this morning around 10 am he had them again. Brian even got to feel the kicks and hiccups this morning, which is rare, because usually when I call Brian over the baby stops moving hehe. What a brat ;) I love it though, it cracks me up. Poor Brian. The baby has been kicking me for over 12 weeks now and he's only felt it twice. Not for lack of trying, but Drake is usually only active when a) Brian's at work or b) when Brian's asleep.

Now I can tell where the baby's head is at when he gets hiccups. A lot of the time, he's head down near the pelvic region, so it's good that he has found his way down there. Let's hope that he stays that way come end of the term.

I just thought I would post something positive since it seems like I don't have anything positive to say lately. I'm trying not to let my negativity get the best of me but it seems like I slipped up recently.


  1. Too cute!
    You're right on the money about hiccups - they are diaphramatic (sp?) spasms. Basically a muscle spasm. :) Burping is the one where swallowing air or a gas build up comes into play. :)

  2. awe isnt that sweet cant wait to hold my great-grandson Drake love u Christie hope your foot and leg feeling better :>)


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