Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It Feels Good to be a Gangster

We are so on top of things this month. Financially, we are more at peace than we have been. Emotionally, I feel like I am now 'ready' to be a parent. I don't think I am prepared- that's quite a different matter entirely- even though we have all the essentials we need to raise a child, I don't feel like I quite have all the knowledge. But I have a fantastic support system and a fool-proof plan in place. When in doubt, ask Mom. :)

Each day that comes I feel like we are one step closer to realizing our dreams.

Each day I feel like I am a little stronger, a little more ready, a little more knowledgeable about something.

Today I feel inspired to take on the world. I think it has to do with Biggest Loser being on Instant Streaming on Netflix. I'm watching Season 9 - it was the most inspirational to me. With Ashley, Daris, Koli, Sam, Sunshine and O'Neal. I was bawling the first episode. I'm on episode 7 now. I'm still bawling over it. After I'm done with Season 9, I plan on watching the other seasons, starting back at Season 1.

Tomorrow is my gestational diabetes testing. I thought a lot about what it means and what it might mean. It might mean nothing. It might mean something. If I do have it, well, then I'll get educated about it. I realized that the only reason I am afraid of having it is because I am afraid of the unknown about it. If I'm educated about it and what it means for me and the baby, then suddenly, it becomes less scary and more manageable. Done.

Each day I feel stronger, in so many respects. I spent a little time moping and bitching about my weight gain and how unhappy it made me, but I've come to realize (again) that the number on the scale doesn't make me happy. It doesn't dictate who I am. And once I have the baby, I'll start right back on the weight loss thing. I'm okay with myself.

I feel like such a bad ass :)

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  1. I think I'm such a research hound because it helps keep the fear of the unknown at bay.

    Carpe Diem!


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