Friday, October 21, 2011

In The End

Today I called the Dr to get my results. I am relieved to say the the least, I was told my results are "fine" and that I do not have gestational diabetes. Which is great!

I can tell you two things.

1) It was worth the sticks to find out whether or not I was diabetic.
2) I am never doing that stupid test again.

Why it was worth it:

This is the one thing I was freaking out about. I have been worried I might have been diabetic for a while now and while it seems completely selfish (it is), I was not worried about the baby's development, was not worried about labor, or anything else. I was freaked out about being diabetic. Sorry I am not sorry. Some people freak out if their baby is developing properly, some people freak out about breast feeding, some people freak out about paint, cribs, and baby gear.

I admit my fear was completely selfish. Moving on.

Why I am never doing this test again:

If I have subsequent pregnancies (and I will, I'm sure!) I am not going to take this test. I will opt out. It was a headache and a nightmare, both times. My doctor did not require me to fast for the 1 hour test, so it caused me to take the 3 hour test. It took days for results both times. I spent so much time worrying about this (pretending I wasn't, by the way) that this is just not happening ever again. Also, if I am not diabetic at my heaviest, then I am sure once I get back on the weight loss/fitness journey that I will not be diabetic then.

Remember, I was concerned pre-preggers that I might have been diabetic. I actually ordered the lab work from my regular doctor and was waiting until we got decent insurance to go take it. Well now that that I have taken it (twice), no need for a repeat. Ever again.

Badge of Honor:

The bruise. Sorry for the super white flash, it kind of washed me out.


  1. Yeah for no diabetes!!! And you're right! Stay on the healthy bandwagon and you won't have it!


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