Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Wedge of Refreshment

Lately sleeping has been a drain... it seems like I never get enough "quality" sleep, tossing and turning all night long. A lot of it has to do with the fact that sleeping on my side is painful on my hips. Go figure, right, because that is the best position to sleep in while pregnant for maximum circulation. Pfft. My ass.

The most comfortable position for me to sleep in is also the worst. Seems like a theme here, I'm tellin' ya. Sleeping on your back is the worst during pregnancy, because the big ol' belly presses down on the vena cava, the major vein that returns blood to your heart. Which means poor circulation. Which means less oxygen for mom and baby... which means "don't do it".

Little did I know relief was where I least expected it. I had opened up a tub of baby clothes we got at a garage sale. I had looked through all of this stuff previously, but had no where to put it, so put the lid back on. In it, I found something amazing.

A little pregnancy wedge pillow.

This is a Boppy pillow. Not sure if mine is Boppy or not.

This heaven sent pillow is perfect! The thin end of the wedge is so thin that it easily slides under my belly, while the thicker end is thick enough to provide support. Also, it works in other positions. If I want to lay on my back and not worry about oxygen loss, I can slip a pillow under my right hip/ass cheek. However... that's insanely uncomfortable with a traditional pillow. Not so with the wedge. Again, the thin edge slips in easily and the thick edge gives plenty of support. I knew my hip was being lifted- I could feel that my hips were not in a straight line any more, but at an angle- and it felt like I didn't have anything under me. I slept like that for most of the night last night.

It's also great for stomach sleeping- another of my favorites!

I had such a great night of deep, comfortable sleep that I was able to dream all night, plus I woke up early full of energy and a bounce in my step. Both Max and Brian are still sleeping at this time hehe :)

To be honest, I slept on my side and my hips still hurt so that is still the most uncomfortable position ever. I think it's just because I carry a lot of weight on my hips, so it just doesn't work for me for very long. I did recover faster than I usually do from my nightly soreness because I was a little sore when I first woke up 15 minutes ago, but now I feel great.

I gotta jet. My parents are coming by today to do a furniture swap- more on that later- and I have to finish preparing their delicious meal. One guess as to what we are having! (hint: it's lasagna! okay, not much of a hint, haha!)

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