Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Vitamins!

Those of you who are pregnant or nursing, definitely listen up! If you hate nasty multivitamins as much as I do, you need these!

Yesssss my precioussssss

These babies are 100% all natural (not that I care, but you might) and taste like lemon, cherry, and berry. The gummies themselves are nice and soft, not all hard and tacky like the Flintstones ones get. These taste like freshly made gumdrops. Yum!

Okay, here's the ingredient list....

Glucose syrup, sucrose, gelatin, natural flavors, citric acid, natural colors (carrot and blueberry juices, black carrot juice extract), lactic acid and fumaric acid.

Let me translate to English for you: Sugar, sugar, Jell-O, lemon juice, carrot juice, blueberry juice, brain energy, and thickening agent.

Note: Contains fish oil (tuna) and soy. Free from dairy, gluten, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish.

How do they taste? 

Damned delicious. I love gummy candies. Gummy bears, sour patch kids; you name it, I scarf it. These taste really good and not at all chewy. Pleasant for the taste buds and the chewing sensation.

What's so special about them?

Aside from their taste, these have Omega-3's in them and lots of folic acid. Why are these things important? Omega-3's are heart and brain healthy and folic acid has been shown to reduce brain and spinal defects in babies if taken during pregnancy. A normal adult requires only 400mcg of folic acid. Pregnant women, double that, coming in at a whopping 800mcg. It also includes Vitamins A, B-6, B-12, C, D, E, and Zinc.
Also, they won the 2011 Chefs Best award. *shrugs*

What's missing?

No iron. None, zilch, zip. Chances are though, you're good. You can always take an iron supplement if you need to. I get enough iron in my diet that this doesn't bother me. But it's important to note, just in case.

What's a dosage?/How many per bottle?

2 gummies a day. 90 per bottle so it's a 45-day supply. It cost me under $12 for the bottle, so that's a reasonable price to me.

I wish I had found these vitamins earlier. I really do, not only because they taste good, but probably I would have been a little more diligent about taking them every day. I try to take the other ones, but they taste like ass crackers. Ugh.

I had almost bought them before, when I got my last set of vitamins, but was put off by the fact there was no iron in them. I decided that this time, I didn't really care if they had iron or not, because it was more important to take the folic acid. I'm more concerned about preventing spinal birth defects.

Oh, and if you're not pregnant or nursing (and want delicious vitamins) the company also makes One-A-Day brand gummies, so check those out. I did :) but they didn't have enough folic acid for me :(


  1. Haha yay for gummy vitamins!!

    I actually prefer my gummies to be super chewy. I don't like gum drops or jelly beans, but I love the consistency of swedish fish and now and laters!

  2. Prenatal vitamins are good for women who aren't preggers too. Lots of folic acid!

    LOVE your translation! Right on!

    "they taste like ass crackers" - do I need to ask if you've actually tasted ass crackers? According to the urban dictionary, they come in three flavors. Jackass, Dumbass, and Smartass. (According to google, it also refers to a 2001 porn flick.)

    All this talk of ass reminded me of this nugget of you tube fame:



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