Thursday, October 27, 2011

Week 31 Bump Update

Week 31. That means just 9 more weeks until baby Drake makes his world debut.

I had my regular check up today. I don't know why I go to these things. Sigh. I really hate going to the doctor when nothing is wrong, because I feel like its a waste of time and effort. I know what is normal with my body and what isn't (thanks to Google and the library!) but I go anyway, since my insurance has already paid for it. Sigh.

This week:

I was weighed (245 lbs) and my blood pressure taken. Every time they take my blood pressure with their fancy machine, it doesn't work! I'm always dead. So we use the stethoscope and count it out by hand. Turns out, pregnancy is great for blood pressure. At least for me. When I first went to the doctor, my blood pressure was 136/90 (borderline hypertension). Today it was 109/66, which was down from last time of 112/80. However if it gets much lower, I might be at risk for hypotension (low blood pressure). Right now, I'm still normal, just borderline low-normal.

The doctor was also very talkative today. The subject? Steve Jobs. Weird, I know. But it was a fascinating conversation.

How's Mommy-to-Be?:

I checked out What to Expect the First Year from the library (digitally!) and read some of the first chapters on it before returning it. I didn't want to get too far ahead, but managed to read the first 2 months after baby is born. I'm so excited!

How's Daddy-to-Be?:

Brian's doing alright. He's admitted he is getting anxious and more excited as the weeks go on. He is even reading a baby book. This guy doesn't read often, so it must be important. (it is. And incredibly cute!)
He's reading the Caveman's Guide to Baby's First Year. 

How's the Baby?:

This week, Drake weighs in at a little under 3.5 lbs. Almost half of his full term weight at this point, he is getting ready for another growth spurt. Hurray!

The Bump:

Here is this week's picture. I figure I'll document this last 10 weeks with pictures because that is when we will see the most change!

31 Weeks! getting bigger!

Our next appointment is going to be Thursday, November 10th!!! That will put me at 33 weeks! After my 35 week check-up, I go weekly! Holy crap!


  1. Awww I hate going to the doctor too when nothing is wrong, especially because I DO have to pay for it. But definitely go! Especially with your blood pressure dropping lower and lower. It's worth it just in case they do catch something you don't.

    You're so close! My friend recently had her baby at 36 weeks.

  2. You look so happy and cute with that bump!!! Congrats.. wooohoo so close :) I'm very happy for you :))

  3. So a friend of mine who is pregnant didn't dodge the gestational diabetes bullet (despite the fact that she eats REALLY healthy - it's just what's happened with all of her pregnancies - which have been VERY complicated). I feel soooo bad for her! Between that and some other injections, she's like a human bloated pin cushion!


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