Friday, November 25, 2011

My Thanksgiving Weekend

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my uncle's house, which was delicious, then we had a get-together at the bowling alley/restaurant my brother in law works at. He volunteered a 12 hour shift on Thanksgiving so he could have Christmas Eve off.

We hung out and bowled. Well, they did. I hung out and drank blue slushies all night. His mom kept trying to get me to "eat something" despite the fact we had just come from a gorge fest with my family.

Tonight is their Thanksgiving and they still don't know what time they are having dinner. Sigh. We won't be able to go anyway, because Brian works 5-8:30 pm tonight, but we are still going over after he gets off work and changes.

Then Brian is headed out with his brothers for a night of drinking and general goofing around. It's his last hurrah before fatherhood. I was reassured by my brothers in law that I would indeed have my husband home again, and Brian promised me he wouldn't "get too stupid" lol. I told him to call me if he needs a ride home. I'll not be going. I'm going to be home with the dog and getting started on the next phase of nesting.

Which reminds me... Brian's nesting too. He has decided he wanted to take my "re-arrange the nursery" and raise the stakes to "re-arrange the whole apartment". I'll admit, I jumped all over the idea once it was suggested now he is stuck doing it all. Ha, because I can't help.

I've been doing the things I can help with, which is pointing and saying "No put it over here. You're right, it looked better over there!" and doing laundry/dishes/cooking. Womanly duties lol.

So far we got the bedroom done. We moved the bed against a different wall, the one that is shared with the nursery. The crib is going to be on that wall too, but on the nursery side. Then we have 2 computer desks & chairs taking up one wall and the dog's crate taking up the other one.  We also have a full walk in closet and bathroom off the last wall. There's a lot of stuff in this one room, but it doesn't feel crowded. It's easily the biggest room in the apartment.

Next up is the living room. I guess we aren't doing the nursery yet (wtf!) because his brothers are coming over later today- maybe - so he wants to make sure the living room is done. Fine by me, I wanted to put the Christmas tree up this weekend. You know why? Because it's after Thanksgiving! Duh! Now is when it is seasonally-appropriate to put up the tree. Not after Halloween. Not before Thanksgiving.

After all of that... then we finally get to do the nursery. Hey, he's the one re-arranging and moving all of our heavy, awkward furniture, so he can do it in any order he wants.

Saturday we are back over to visiting my parents. Sunday he's working. We definitely have a busy, productive holiday weekend. Two get-togethers with each family. Cleaning and re-arranging the apartment from top to bottom. I may need another vacation from my vacation.

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