Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Week 35: Bump Update

Technically, I'm 34 weeks 6 days, but my check up is today  was yesterday instead of tomorrow today, what with it being Thanksgiving and all. WTF Thanksgiving is tomorrow today? Holy shit. 36 35 days left until my EDD (estimated due date)

This appointment... was not one I was looking forward to. When am I looking forward to any of them? I was especially cranky and moody today, so a Xanax helped calm me down.

Weight: 254 (+1, +32 total)
Blood pressure: Good! Finally their automatic machine works on me. I guess I just have to be in a state of panic for it to work.
Baby HR: Again, good. He was being a little stinker today and not being cooperative, but we heard the echo. I told the nurse I was pretty sure he was still in there... somewhere. Which made her laugh.

The swab went quickly, so that's all that I can ask for. He checked my cervix too, to see if there was any dilation or effacement. There's not! So I'm good. (Secretly, I was panicking that I would be dilated) The doctor told me I have anywhere from 3-5 weeks left, so I am going to prepare for 3 weeks and then be pleasantly surprised when I have an additional 2 :) I asked about my pains and yep, Braxton-Hicks. They told me I would know real labor when it hit me, because I would probably be almost knocked off my feet, and nothing I can do will stop real labor (walking, changing positions, etc). They noticed I had some "puffiness" in my feet, and I told them yeah, but I wasn't overly worried about it. I don't hurt like I used to, just my bad ankle gets a little cranky. Mostly taking Tylenol helps.

Now I'm back in every Thursday until showtime. I won't get a pelvic exam again until week 38. But after that, it's weekly. Then, he told me when I'm in labor, someone will come and check me every HOUR until it's time to go. I'm pretty laid back about getting undressed in front of doctors/nurses and having things checked/poked, so I am not even going to mind. I'll probably be too busy freaking out over what ungodly pain I'm in to notice what anyone down there is doing.

The Bump:

Can you tell this thing is heavy to haul around?

I look like a roly-poly... and feel like one lol 

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  1. That's an adorable picture! lol Yeah - I think once you've had enough medical procedures done, you stop caring about clothing. lol


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