Sunday, November 20, 2011

Valpo Recap

We went to Valpo and had a great time. Grandma and Grandpa had us go out for dinner again at Strongbow's, the expensive eatery in town.

We were having our Thanksgiving dinner and Grandma and I ordered the full turkey dinner meal from the restaurant. It came with freshly carved turkey (both white and dark meat- yum!) real mashed potatoes, and real dressing/stuffing (whatever you call it. I call it stuffing) with thick, home made turkey gravy, green beans and freshly made cranberry sauce. All real food, prepared that day. Fresh from the kitchen. That is one restaurant that I would LOVE to work at. (and gain 400 pounds, of course).

Brian had a turkey club sandwich with thick sliced turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and it was on toasted, freshly-made-that-day wheat bread. He said it was the best sandwich he had ever eaten. I was so stuffed, unable to finish all of mine, so we took the leftovers home and it fed us both. We also got dessert- I had vanilla ice cream (with real vanilla! I never knew vanilla ice cream had so much flavor!) and Brian had a slice of freshly made pumpkin pie.

Grandma had a slice of apple pie after her turkey dinner; Grandpa had the "light" lunch, which was a pretty nice sized turkey sandwich. He ate all of the cranberry jelly as well. I had a glass of cranberry juice (so good!) Their bakery is so impressive. I wonder what it would be like to work there. Probably hot and sweaty, but amazing!

We went back to their house and had more pie (also from Strongbow's; they get a lot of their food from there if you can't tell) and cookies shaped like pumpkins and turkeys. She sent us home with the cookies, potato chips, bottled soda and tried to give us the pies too. They loved their gift of hot chocolate mix and homemade cookies- Grandma thinks I'm a great baker (a few years ago, I brought pie!) and Grandpa loved the idea of me making him sugar-free dark hot chocolate mix. I didn't know this, but apparently, he's a bit of a hot chocolate lover. So I made the perfect gift!

We helped her with her computer, and we listened to stories of when they were growing up and Grandpa showed Brian all the music he composed on the computer. He put the music in a program that he could pick whatever instruments he wanted and it would play it back. He could edit the sheet music straight from the computer as well. He does string quartets and makes CDs of his music. Complete with printed labels on the disc and for the jewel case. Pretty impressive for an 89-year old man, am I right?!

They were telling us how nice it was for us to visit them this year on Grandpa's birthday, but next year, for his 90th, they are going to South America for a few weeks and they are going to go all over... in a 4-wheeler, because it sounds fun! LOL It was either ziplining, flying or 4-wheeling.

They completely wore out Max- I don't think he was prepared for how much attention they would give him. He was allowed to run and play, and he got treats, and lots of love (he even sat on the loveseat next to Grandma at her request). Anytime they got up to move, he followed them around. They recently adopted a stray cat and he left the cat completely alone. They were so impressed they were about to steal him! They kept making comments "when the baby comes, Max, you can come live with us, and Brian and Christie can visit you whenever they want, you won't be needed there. Too much chaos with a baby." Completely serious, too. They are so funny.

Grandma was telling us how she bought Grandpa's entire Wish List of books on Amazon for the Kindle on his birthday, and how annoyed he was some of her books were on his Kindle and told her to take them off. She called him an "ungrateful wretch" and he just laughed. She told us of the time they had taken Grandpa's mother to see a play years ago, and how they had to leave in the middle of it because the lady was so offended. Grandma couldn't believe that anyone could possibly be offended by a play, in which a woman jumped through a giant, detailed vagina on stage. Grandpa said it was shaping up to be a good play too. LOL.

It was so nice to visit for so long because we aren't going to be seeing them over Christmas (they want me home and near the hospital of course) and on our way to leave, she said next time we visit, she wants us to bring both the baby and the dog. We aren't allowed to leave Max at home if we visit.

She gave me a lovely glass doll figurine, and Brian a leather drum, and a few other goodies, including a few CDs of Grandpa's music. I am so blessed to be a part of his family. I have more to say on the subject, but it will have to wait until next week. I can hardly wait!


  1. The VAGINA MONOLOUGES?! LOL That can be a really good show, but I wouldn't take anyone over 45. Not because they are offended, but they've already been there gotten that message... Unless they are male... lol

  2. Sounds like an amazing visit and such hip grandparents...they are older than my parents and sound more hip! I can't believe they are going four wheeling!


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