Monday, November 21, 2011


The baby is really low lately. I don't think he's "dropped" yet because I don't feel like I can breathe easier, or that my weight has shifted, but I know that that day is getting closer and closer as each day passes.

Last night I was laying down, and I felt the baby start to kick. Except it wasn't in my stomach, or even my lower stomach... it was much much lower. As in, so low, it would be considered inappropriate to put anyone's hand there to feel the kicks.

Brian was kind of worried a bit, but I told him everything was fine. I wasn't having contractions or anything, just ... interesting that the baby was so low.

Apparently he is both nervous and excited, because every 5 minutes after that he asked me if I was alright and if I needed anything, and am I sure I should be doing that?

Cute. At one point I was rolling over and he rushed over to help me lol thinking I was getting up I guess or maybe he thought it was time.

Nope, not time.

It reminds me how fast this journey has gone and yet how slowly too at the same time. These last few weeks seem to both be dragging along yet whizzing by at the speed of light. Wednesday is my next appointment and from there on out, we go weekly, until it's time.

We were going to rearrange the nursery on Sunday, but Brian's back was hurting so we haven't done that yet. I am wondering if there is actually anything I can do in there on my own, but I've decided not to risk it. I get yelled at enough for attempting things!

It will probably only take all of ten minutes for him to do it anyway, and it would be an all day venture for me (pregnant or not) so I'll wait. Maybe he will be in a good mood tonight when he comes home from work and he can do it for me really quick.

The need to nest hasn't stopped. It's manifested itself into the kitchen now and I am roasting whole young chickens, picking all the meat off the carcass, making homemade stock, and using the left over meat to make chicken noodle soup. Yeah, it was my first time ever roasting a chicken, but by golly it was the BEST chicken I have ever had. I seriously think I will end up roasting one every week. It was so easy to do and it was so juicy and succulent. My only regret was not having corn on the cob and biscuits to go with it.

The secret for perfectly moist meat and a perfectly browned, crispy skin? Place 1 Tb of butter under the skin on each breast. Just wiggle it on up there. The rest of the seasoning was salt and pepper on top and inside. In addition, inside the cavity, I stuck 2 celery sticks and 2 carrot sticks and a crushed clove of garlic, as well as an additional 2 Tb of butter.

Heaven is a place on earth, and that place is my kitchen.


  1. The simplicity of roasting a chicken was basically life changing for me as well! The only thing that irritates me is that it's the same price for me to buy a whole chicken and roast it as it is to buy an already roasted chicken from Costco. -.-

    If you guys are beef eaters you should try making your own roast beef as well! Super simple and delicious for sandwiches.

  2. The nesting thing is a good idea actually - especially in the kitchen! I know of one couple who made and deep froze several of their favorite dinners prior to baby coming. That way they had one less thing to think about as they adapted to life with a newborn. :)


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