Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another iPad post

Im on my iPad again so sorry for the lack of my usual structure. Anyway, I am feeling great today. Perhaps it's because I actually slept my normal schedule, or maybe it's because all of the drama of yesterday is over with. I crocheted a total of three squares of my 16 that I need. I can honestly say my mind is at ease now. I think since I have had such an easy pregnancy, the closer to the end I get, the more worried I get about the baby. Insane I know. Last night I had a dream I was standing in front of a very bright light and I could see the baby through my belly and he was fine and perfect and healthy. So obviously, my mind has been telling me it's all okay now and I can just relax. My feet were still swollen and my toes were swollen too. I propped them up with as many pillows as possible and iced them 20 minutes on 20 off for a few hours. They are better today. I'm going to keep them elevated as much as I can. Anyway today is a good day.

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