Monday, December 19, 2011

An Eventful Day

Was able to see the doctor today. They were able to squeeze me in at 10:30 am. I had not slept all night, and continued to stay awake. I ended up taking the dog out, feeding him, scrubbing dishes, taking a shower, getting dressed, making coffee, making breakfast (bacon and pancakes, yum) and crocheting another square for my afghan. All within 2 hours. I woke Brian up, he got dressed, fed and filled with caffeine and off we were to the doctor's.

I was having panic attacks. I kept trying to tell myself that it was "all in my head" and I was really fine. Sure it hurt to do anything and the puffiness was spreading up my legs, but I'm sure I'm fine.

We get to the doctor and check in. It doesn't take long for us to be seen. She checks my urine for protein- a symptom of preeclamsia- but I'm clean. She takes my blood pressure and once again, I'm clean. She asks if I have swelling anywhere besides my feet- yes, it's moving up my legs and my vagina is swollen. Is that normal? Hmm. She jots down some notes and I'm shown the exam room.

I'm told there will also be a pop-quiz: a pelvic exam! this counts as my appointment for the week.

I get naked and put on my over sized paper towel and sit on the table. I'm starting to feel stupid. Who goes to the doctor for swollen lady bits and feet? Apparently me. Is there anything he can do about it? I doubt it. Why am I wasting every one's time, especially my own? I could be sleeping.

Again, we don't wait long. (apparently, "squeeze me in" really meant "we have ample time to see you today") The doctor and nurse come in and inspect my feet, legs, and lady bits. He presses and pokes and says "yeah that's normal. You can take some diuretics if it's painful to walk." I feel extremely dumb now.

He grabs the doppler and finds the baby's heart beat. A flicker of concern flashes across his normally impassive face. He checks my cervix. Still closed.

"The baby's heart beat is 110 beats a minute. This is in the low side of normal and it concerns me, especially since he has had such a strong heart beat up until now." The baby usually pushes 160. "I'm going to hook you up to the fetal monitor for a while and see what is going on."

My panic levels are through the roof now. We wait another ten minutes or so until they can prep the monitor and move us to a different room.

I'm hooked up, but suddenly we can't find the baby's heart beat. I can't feel him move. I'm trying to be calm. It takes us ten minutes to find the echo of the heart beat, and probably another 5 to find his actual heart beat.  I'm terrified that I am going to be rushed for an emergency c-section at this point.

Finally we find the baby. I'm given a clicker to count his kicks and they also put a contraction monitor on me. I laughed and said I wouldn't need that, I haven't had any contractions. I'm left alone with Brian for 30 minutes while the machine ticks out paper, graphing the heart beat. The heart beat starts out on the low side again (115-120) but by the end of the test, he's pushing out of the high end at 165. I'm trying not to focus on the graph, and just focus on the kicks. I press the button each time. Apparently I'm good at finding the height of his movement.

The nurse came in. "Wow, this looks great!"
The head nurse comes in "Wow, this looks REALLY great! Like, text book perfect."
The doctor comes in. "Everyone keeps saying how great your chart looks, I have to see for myself. Yes, this looks very good indeed."

All three: "Look, you're having contractions. See these little waves?"

Apparently I have been having contractions. What I thought was extra baby wigglings was actually a small contraction. And I get them pretty regularly too. They are "real" contractions, but they just aren't doing anything.

"Unless you go into labor, I'll see you next week. Cancel your appointment for Thursday, we've already done it." the doctor said on his way out.

He's pretty laid back and doesn't really dilly dally much, so it didn't surprise me that he just left the room.

I go back in on the 27th, 2 days before my due date. Weee.

I was able to get a nap in before work. I don't feel quite "rejuvenated" but I feel functional. I feel a lot better that I went in and that there was a reason for my impromptu visit today. I feel silly calling for things that seem like no big deal, but today could have easily been a very big deal. We were half expecting to be sent to the hospital for a c-section.

But all is well, and the baby still hasn't made an appearance (natural, or otherwise) and we keep pluggin' on, thankful that everything is as it should be.

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  1. Oy that sounds stressful! Thank god all is well...ticking down the days now, huh?


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