Monday, December 5, 2011


Started having contractions early this morning. They were coming 45 minutes apart and lasting about a minute to a minute and a half each.

I started timing them mostly to try out the contraction timer on my iPad app... but then I noticed the pattern. I finally fell asleep at 7 am this morning. Woke up at 10:30 to another contraction, lasting about a minute and a half. The next one came at noon- 90 minutes apart. Then we went to lunch and I had cheese fries and a milk shake. I had two more contractions and finally called the dr.

I fully expected the "call us when they are 5 minutes apart" lecture

Instead I got the "come to L&D and we will check you out" lecture.

I get there and I am attached to all the monitors, in the beautiful gown, and a nurse is practically fisting me to check my cervix. I was dilated to 1 cm.

The doctor was going to do one of two things. Either he was going to keep me for observation or he was going to give me some pills to stop the contractions.

One call to the doctor and a 20 minute wait later, I was told that I was to stay for observation for 3 hours to see if there was any change in dilation. The doctor said because I was 36 weeks and 4 days I could go either way. If there was change in dilation, I would be induced. If there wasn't any, then I would go home.

3 and a half hours later... there was no change.

I was sent home.

But I got ice cream while I waited.

So that was cool.

Still I am a little bummed.

Dr's orders are to take it easy and "not to press the issue" but keep tracking the contractions and if they get to the point where I can't talk through them to head back to L&D.

Brian said on the way home that it didn't feel right to leave the hospital without a baby and he was really upset that our carseat was going to be empty.

It started snowing on the way home.

A huge part of me is sad. A little heart broken. A little angry and frustrated that I had to wait 4 hours to be told to go home.... but another part of me is excited. I'm getting close. I'm glad that I am aware of what's going on. Every one keeps saying that its more time for the baby to grow and be healthy... which is cool.

The nurse told me that I was in early labor. And probably a little longer than I should be

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  1. Keep that baby bakin' for as long as you can! It's better for him! :)
    Last month, a friend of mine's daughter in law was dilated 1cm for a week before she finally finished. Here's to hopin' he stays in as long as he needs to (and not a minute longer!).


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