Monday, December 26, 2011


We had a great Christmas, spending it with both of our families. We went to Brian's aunt's lake house and they had a great spread of food and drinks. We ate our fill up and just mingled and chatted with everyone there. Everyone's favorite question: "When are you due?" and when we said "4 days!" their jaws hit the floor. It was great. I got so many compliments (smart of them to compliment a pregnant woman haha) and Brian's great aunt told him he should always keep me knocked up, I looked so great! Hahaha she's a riot, that one.

Everyone was so surprised we came at all, considering we were so close to being due. I was not about to sit at home and let Christmas pass by! So of course we went out!

We spent several hours there, taking in food and drinks (Brian drank enough for the two of us, I had water) and cuddling puppies and small children, meeting more of his extended family, it was great. We left around 7 and headed to my uncle's.

My uncle also had a smorgesborde of delicious food, but by the time we were there, I was hungry again! (That's the beauty of being pregnant- you get hungry every few hours) and there we did a gift exchange.

My grandma got my laptop- we had told her we sold it, as we needed the money. (Totally true, by the way, we sold it to my mom, and we did need the money! Hahaha) she was so happy so that was from all of us for her.
My dad we got him a model plane kit. He likes doing model kits and I thought he had enough cars and could use a plane.
I made my mom a little pouch/cozy for her new iPod she got, and it fit perfectly! I used the actual specs from Apple's website to make it. I even sewed on a button. I know! Crafty.
My uncle and his girlfriend got homemade hot chocolate (great in coffee, and they are both coffee drinkers) and homemade Oreo truffles (because who doesn't like candy?)

Brian got two sweaters and he looks great in both of them, and we got a Bluetooth wireless keyboard for the iPad to share (it will probably be mostly his though!)
I got a great cardigan and a pair of booties. They look like mini Uggs and are so ugly they are cute which is exactly my style. I got a crochet-a-day calendar (well almost, it has 112 patterns for a year) and each day is loose individually so you can keep patterns you like easier. It's really neat! I also got some bath and body stuff. Japanese Cherry Blossom body butter (so luscious!) and shower gel (yay I can smell like a girl again!) and a glitter body spray. I'm not big on glitter but I loved the other two things. I put some butter on my hands and they are still soft, hours later. I day dream of rubbing it on my belly.
My uncle gave me my favorite gift of all time- cash! He knows what Momma needs ;)

We had a great time, eating and drinking (again, Brian drank enough for two of us! lol) and I enjoyed spending time with my family. It was such a great day.

The only downside was my feet swelled up so big but it was worth it :) I was happy to get out of the house and spend some time with family and friends and play with puppies and kiddos and eat a thousand different things... what can I say, I like food :) We got home at 11:15 pm to our puppy and have been cuddling him ever since. It's so nice to be home :)

I hope every one else had a nice Christmas as well :)

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