Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Save the Date!

I had my doctor's appointment today. My cervix is still closed and my due date is Thursday. I jokingly said to the doctor "So you'll be inducing me Friday?" being a smart ass and thinking he would tell me to hold off until after the new year. 

But my doctor was all like "Yeah, I don't have anything planned that day. Would you like to come in Friday morning at 6 am or Thursday evening at 8 pm?" 

Hahahahahaha totally threw me for a loop! I told him I was just kidding and he said we might as well get it over with. I told you he was all laid back and just did whatever. He's kind of crazy, but that's how I like him. 

He explained how the procedure would go. I am to get vaginal suppositories to ripen my cervix. I get three of them over the course of 6 hours (1 every two hours) and after that, they will start me on a pitocin drip. This will start the contractions, and the doctor said I would have the baby Friday afternoon. 


That doesn't leave a whole lot of time to do everything. We are going in Thursday night at 8 and hopefully will have a baby Friday afternoon/evening. We are very excited and nervous! Like, oh my god, we are having the baby this week. This year! Woohoo! 

I feel like we are rushing around a bit and getting some things together last minute... but over all, I feel very prepared. I think Kayla and her husband are going to stay a little bit longer up here so they can meet the baby and hopefully will help us take care of Max too while we are at the hospital. If not, Brian can leave and take care of the dog, and my mom will be there to stay with me. 

I can't believe it's finally happening!! 

Oh, and of course... it snowed today. :) 

Well I have to go finish my laundry and get lunch around. Kayla and her hubster are visiting this afternoon so I need to feed them. 



  1. Awesome!!! Will be praying that all goes well. Your doctor - I like him! Haha!

  2. yay by this week end ill have a great grandson im so excited sending u hugs :>)love u guys grandma

  3. So exciting...it seems like no matter how much you do to get ready, you can never feel ready, huh?

    Prayers and best wishes!

  4. You are more likely to end up with a c-section if you are induced. Just sayin...

  5. Wow! How exciting! What an easy going doctor.

  6. over 30% of all pregnancies end in a c-section these days whether they are induced or not, so my chances aren't really any higher than they would have been previously.


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