Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Er, Okay?

Yesterday, someone knocked on the apartment door. I was in the bedroom, in the back of the apartment. I waddled to the door to see who it was.... but they were gone. Today, Brian got an email from the apartment office saying that "maintenance has placed your request to fix the dish washing machine on hold due to the following reason: unable to enter unit." WTF.

They knocked one time. And not a knock knock knock! but a Knock. Just one. And then they were gone. 

Secondly, "not able to enter unit" my ass. The maintenance guys all have keys to the apartments. I know this because they have come in several times with our door locked before to fix things. So... wtf.

Did they just not want to fix our dishwasher or something? I told Brian to call and complain (because when a man complains, things get fixed faster) but so far, he's decided to hold off on it. 

Our next door neighbors moved out so maintenance is all up in our building getting it ready for the next potential tenants. This includes a lot of hammering....which I can hear and it wakes me up. Bahhhhh fine. That's alright. I'm not sure what needs so much hammering (it goes on for hours!) but that's not the problem.

The problem is the toxic smell wafting in the hall way and permeating our apartment. Whatever they are using to clean the apartment is pretty... strong. Let's go with strong. I don't know if there is mold in that apartment or what, but if I can smell it inside my apartment, I really don't want to be in their apartment! 

Combine weird chemical smell with our downstairs neighbor's love for cooking. I think he is making some sort of pork roast or something. On its own it would smell delicious (like all his dishes) but with the weird chemical aroma it makes it seem like some sort of science experiment about to go horribly wrong. 

Ah, apartment life. 

I'm glad I don't have to fix the dishwasher. And if they don't want to fix it, fine. I don't care. I don't mind that they are doing so much work on the building or the unit either. It means that they actually give a shit about the condition of the building when they work and scrub and freaking hammer for 6 hours straight. 

I'm still not sure what that guy is hammering. Here's what it appears is happening in the apartment next door. 

Guy #1: I'm just going to beat this hammer against random walls.
Guy #2: Good idea, meanwhile, I'll mix ammonia and bleach!
Guy 1: Yeah that should prove we are working hard.
Guy 2: Hmm what are all the fumes for?!?!
Guy 1: I can't hear you over my hammering.
Guy 2: No worries, it's cool. 

Oh... interesting. This just in! Brian just got an email from the apartment. Our request to have our dishwasher fixed ...was completed! Hurray! Wait, what? Oh... Hmm. Apparently- they called my number twice and left me 2 voicemails. I neither have missed calls nor voice mails. Hahahah

I don't want it fixed. Just go away.

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  1. Apartment blues! I lived in a condo where my downstairs neighbors were Korean. Nothing against, Koreans, but every sunday they cooked something that smelled - and not in a lip-smacking way. More in a "OMG, Who decided to stew duck weed and rotting fish?!"

    Sounds like my shady apartment developers. They posted a letter on my upstairs door with some made up story when I complained of noise. First off, it took them A WEEK to make up a plausible story. 2nd of all, they could have AT LEAST let me in on it! It worked, they are quieter upstairs, but, "REALLY?!" Couldn't you just be honest people?


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