Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bass Ackwards

My sleeping pattern is so ass backwards it is now bass ackwards. I did not fall asleep until noon today- NOON- and I was in bed by 4 am. I just couldn't sleep.

I feel like I am all mixed up. My night is day and my day is night. The positives? I don't really care that I am sleeping all day and up all night. Perfect for baby.... right??

Also I seem to be really productive when insomnia hits. I read 2 entire books. One was a crochet murder mystery (I know, geeky!) and the other was a book on vintage crochet. Sigh, it was so beautiful looking at all the old patterns from the 1920's-50's. And all the ugly colors haha

Feeling inspired, I crocheted. I'm making amazing progress on my brother in law's scarf and I am actually excited to show it off but I will have to find my camera first and also my measuring tape.

I used the baby kick counter in my pregnancy app. The baby is healthy and active enough if it kicks 10 times in 2 hours (source) but apparently my kid is an overachiever, because he kicked 10 times in just under 3 minutes. So yay!

I typically work evening hours anyway so it's not a big deal if I sleep from noon to 7 or 8 at night when my shift actually starts. I know, be jealous.

I'm experiencing a fun, new pregnancy pain! My lower back twinges. With sharp shooting, oh my god did someone just knife me?! kind of pain.

So I just ice it and lay in bed anyway. Meh.

Oh, and I drool now. No joke. It just uhm sort of happens. Especially during sleep. I wake up because I nearly drown in my own soggy pillow. I guess it's pretty common, though its more common in the first trimester and not the last 3 weeks.... but every pregnancy is different. Your results may vary.

My breasts and nipples are very ....temperature sensitive now. That's as nice as I can say it. Let's just say I get really cranky when it's cold. Because it hurts. I'm considering walking around with those hand warmer packs in my bra. I wish I were kidding.

Haven't had any more contractions. Water hasn't broken. Got 15 days (?!?!????!!!@$%) left until my due date. Golly gee willickers, that was a fast year. HOLY CRAP Christmas is in 11 days?!?!


I guess it doesn't really feel like the holiday season because I am more focused on the arrival of my baby it hasn't even snowed yet! We had a little patchy cover then it just... went away. Awesome. Please don't be a blizzard when I give birth or come home from the hospital with my newborn. Because that would require more Xanax than I think I am allowed to take.

I'm a little loopy. So I am going to force my husband to let me wander around the grocery store aimlessly at 2 am because I am going stir crazy. Also I want a milk shake. Mmm.


  1. You are doing great. This stage is bonkers in every way. You're doing just fine. I wish I had something helpful, but you're doing great on your own. Keep it up.

  2. I have to agree with Journey, that this is a loopy time - but you're doing great. 15 days will come here faster than you know - and the baby may come faster than that! :)


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