Wednesday, December 21, 2011


-I woke up last night because my hand had gone numb. Rings were cutting off circulation and my fingers were swollen. Rings were put in jewelry box. :(

-I woke up with mostly normal looking feet today. Still slightly swollen, but much better today.

-I have 4 of the 24 squares done for the baby blanket, or about 15% complete. I need to do 4 squares a day to get it done before my due date. 3.5 squares still need to be completed today.

-I am almost 39 weeks! That's tomorrow. Holy crap!

-I realized that Max is not "my dog" at all. Or even "our dog". He's completely Brian's. And I'm okay with that. He prefers Brian over me in every situation, including feeding him and also taking him potty. Fine by me :) The only annoying bit is when Brian leaves, he goes in his cage and will stay there ALL DAY, and won't come out for anything. Not even treats. He's seriously bumming.

-I get a lot of emails from YouTube now. So many, I had to create a filter in my email to route them to their own folder so I don't get annoyed with them. I got 15 yesterday and so far, 10 today. Blink blink. My most popular video had 9,300 views yesterday. Today it has 10,300. I honestly don't get it.

-The baby likes Kesha. I don't know what to think about that! But if I want to entertain myself, all I have to do is open up Pandora on my iPad and play Kesha to feel the baby wiggle and dance and kick for hours. Actually, the baby likes LMFAO too.

-I made chicken alfredo with whole wheat pasta and then put full fat cheese in it. Hahaha. It balances out, right?
It's easy, delicious, and all mine! Brian's not a huge fan of it, so that makes me want to make it more often so I don't have to share. Gluttony at its finest, folks. I have enough to last me a few more days.

-I think I have figured out what are "contractions" and what are "baby wigglins" but I know my contractions at this point are still USELESS and UNNECESSARY. They don't even hurt. They just feel... weird. Sort of like how your stomach drops when you go down a steep hill mixed with a hint of hmm I think I have to poo.

-Tonight is Brian's "long night" at work. I say it like that because he ended up working just as late last night. Anyway, he won't be home until about midnight. Thank goodness I work most of the night too or I'd end up going bonkers. Wednesdays suck.

-Tomorrow, no plans! We were supposed to go to the doctor's but since we ended up in there on Monday, the doctor pushed back the next appointment until Tuesday, December 27. It will be a lazy day full of crocheting and other such nonsense.

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