Friday, December 23, 2011

News and Other Bits

Yesterday I officially hit 39 weeks. I didn't have a doctor's appointment, so I decided to hold off on the bump update post until my next one, which is the 27th.

I bought a pedometer for $9! It got average reviews, which is what I was going for. I'm not going to be like crazy power walking woman for a while, I just wanted one that gave me a decent estimation of my waddling.

We were talking to our neighbor downstairs and learned he is moving out next month. :( This is sad, because we really get along with him. We then found out that nearly everyone else in our building is moving out either next week or in the next couple of months. Part of me is thinking "what's that saying about rats and sinking ships?" and part of me is jealous we can't really do the same. Even if we had the money (we don't) we couldn't move because of Brian's transfer. We already live in the closest apartment complex, and we aren't ready financially to rent a house. So here we stay.

6 short days until my due date is here. I wonder if, like the text book pregnancy I have been having, I will go into labor on my due date. Ha. It would be a riot if I did, but I am assuming baby will not be here until he is induced in January and forced out of his happy little home. Time to move out, son! Brian is really sad and frustrated that I have not had the baby for Christmas (although there is still time!) I told him he is just spoiled and he knows if I had any control over when the baby comes, he would be here by now. His response? "Do jumping jacks!" hahaha my ass.

I usually complain about how much I hate Wednesdays, since they are Brian's long night at work. Well, since today is the 23rd, and they are notoriously busy today and tomorrow, they have Brian working 8.5 hours tonight, and 5 hours tomorrow. They close early on Christmas Eve, so that's good. I think Brian is secretly praying I go into labor tonight so he won't have to work so long. I told you he was spoiled!

I finally got sick of waiting to just go into labor at the drop of a hat and taking it "easy". I've been crocheting up a storm and reading all the books I can on crochet. I found a really cool technique that I want to try next, once I finish the afghan. Actually, several cool techniques. In between that, I have been cooking and cleaning.

I hope that everyone has a safe holiday weekend and that you don't get trampled at the store when you go for your last minute gifts and groceries! Be safe on the roads and don't drive like a bunch of idiots trying to make it to Grandma's house on time. Also, make sure that everyone has a glass of wine for me, since I can't have any (still!!!) :P Just one though, I'm a lightweight.

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  1. Awww haha. I never thought about how killer the anticipation of the baby coming *soon* but not knowing exactly *when* would be. I'm on the edge of my seat with you!


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