Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week 36: Bump Update

Guess what today is? that's right, Thursday- aka Dr Appt Day. I'm officially 36 weeks today. To the day. Approximately 14-28 days left to go. (Dr said I could go at any time)

The Stats:

Weight: 257 (+3) I was upset about this until I remembered... I had 4 thanksgiving meals this year. So a plus 3 is not that bad.
BP: 120/78! Yay- I'm officially out of the low normal and just normal normal. Yay normal!
HR: 140 bpm- my kid is nothing if not consistent. I'm hoping that he is a very consistent newborn. Hahahah I must be high or something. Babies aren't consistent.

I love using my Sprout app for the iPad! The 3D never ceases to amaze me and I love all the weird nuggets of information.

My group B strep swap came back negative which means no antibiotics for me! I totally forgot about it, but I'm glad I didn't have it. I guess it's pretty common- as many as 30% of women are carriers. Being a carrier isn't a bad thing, though.

I'm doing alright this week. Aside from a few emotional breakdowns and hyperventilating because the hour at hand is drawing closer (I actually had a pretty severe panic attack last night, I couldn't breath. My throat closed up). It's hard to put your head between your knees when your baby bump's in the way. But a little Xanax and I was good as gold. My belly button has also been hurting. Like it's getting constantly stung or poked with a needle. It kept waking me up all night long last night.

Drake doesn't kick so much as slide which feels really weird. I guess he's skating around inside of my uterus now. It's... bizarre. I don't know how to describe it. But its better than getting jabbed in the ribs or in the kidneys so I'll not complain :)

Brian's doing alright too- he had a panic attack about the baby coming. He's not scared he's just anxious with all the waiting. He would prefer to know exactly when the baby's going to come. Bless his heart. I guess he'll be panicking for the next 28 days then, because babies have their own schedule. One that moms and dads have relatively little say so in.

Someone actually asked me today when I was due! How nice! I haven't had a random stranger ask me that yet. Mostly it's neighbors and friends- people who already know I'm knocked up. I told her around Christmas and she had a daughter born on the 26th. I asked her how long her labor was (8 hours! it was quick!) Brian thought that sounded awfully long... so I asked her if it was her first? Nope, it was her third! Her first was 49 hours. I laughed and told Brian that 8 hours seems short comparatively. He isn't looking forward to that lol.

The Bump:

I look huge! In the belly I mean. Like, where did Christie go? Oh she's hidden behind that baby bump! I asked Brian how that happened

Him: It's all my fault (how well trained is he!)
Me: No it takes two to tango it's my fault too
Me: although I don't remember ever tangoing.
Him: I remember a lot more than tango!

 I've got a wide stance going on... don't worry, I don't use it in public restrooms.

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  1. The baby waddle! You know you're almost due when you hit the waddle stage. You look great though! Happy and healthy and all pregnancy glowy and stuff.


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