Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Irony

Today was an ironic day. At first, it had me laughing, but the more I thought about it, the more it pissed me off. Good thing my sense of humor serves me first.

Let me start off by saying, I worked until 3 am yesterday morning and then I slept until 6 am. Brian was on baby duty, and then we switched off so he could get some sleep. He sleeps from 6 to noon, and I wake him up at noon. The plan was for me to sleep from noon to about 3, when my grandma was coming up to watch the baby while my dad and I went to the claims office for the insurance company.

Brian wanted to go car shopping, so he got someone to cover his shift. He suddenly has the day off. I am not tired, so I don't sleep. I'm all anxious about this whole check thing and EVEN THOUGH I called and double checked they printed it, I was still nervous that the mf-ers would some how eff that up.

Grandma comes up and then Dad, so Brian drives us to the insurance office, dad and I pick up the check and I ask the lady- "is there anything else I need to know or do from here?" Keep this in mind, it's very important to the story. She tells me no, and sends us on our merry way.

We drop my dad off who comes to visit the baby for a moment before heading home. Grandma tells us to go car shopping. We order a pizza for Grandma and then I get some things around and we go to the bank to cash the check.

We head inside the bank, sign the check and ask the lady to cash it... which she doesn't. Because she can't. Apparently, the insurance company does something called a "positive pay" which means that even though the check is dated for 1/23/12 we can't do anything with it (deposit it, cash it, lick it, whatever) until 1/24/12, which to me, sounds a lot like a post dated check. And that pissed Brian off. No one tells you this stuff, even when you ask. I guess you have to ask the right questions, which would have been "how soon can I spend your goddamn money?" but I digress. See why I was worried the mf-ers would mess it up? Because they did, just not in the way I expected.

We decide there is no harm in just going to look at cars, even if we have to wait 24 hours to cash the check and have the down payment, we can at least look. The one car I am really interested in, I called the guy at the dealership, can't legally show us the car today, because they are waiting on the bank for funds to clear, so technically, it won't be for sale until January 24th.

Do you see it? The irony, I mean. Even if we did get the check cashed, we still couldn't look at the damn car. But that is proof that everything happens the way it should.

Well, we decide that this whole day had been stupid, so we go to the mall to wander around and blow off a little steam. We then get a bright idea- let's spend a little money on ourselves, just for us, nothing baby related. Brian buys a new video card for his computer, and I buy some clothes from Old Navy online, because they only sell plus wear online. They double charged me, but it's still pending, so I will have to wait and see if the charge disappears, or if I have to call someone and get that fixed.

We then came home and tried to take a nap, but at this point, I'm still pissed off about whole car-insurance debacle and Brian is all geeked out over his new toy/having time to himself. We realized that we had not even been able to cuddle in bed together for 20 days- 2 days before Drake was born- because I was in the hospital. It was nice to hold hands and just walk around, also to snuggle up to each other without having to worry about the baby.

The best part of today? It gets to repeat for tomorrow, hopefully with different results! Oh, and we have an eye doctor appointment for the Dragon Boy at 9:00 am on the other side of town; why do I do this to myself?!!?! So hopefully we will get some news on that front.

I'm exhausted. I'm about to pass ou---zzzzzzzz

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