Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Car Shopping and Doctor Visit

Today was incredibly, incredibly busy. I am soooo worn out.

Drake had his eye doctor appointment today. We were a few minutes late, because someone (me) had no idea where the dr's office was located. I knew the area, not the address, and couldn't remember the phone number. I blame being tired.

We waited nearly an hour and a half before being seen. I am so so so proud of my little dragon, because he did not really fuss at all. He did here and there, but quieted quickly. When we were finally seen, he sat on my lap in the chair and the dr checked out his eyes, put drops in (which Drake didn't care for much, but didn't complain) and then he left us in the room. Drake's eyes were dilating and we were left to contend with a baby growing increasingly fussy. We never hit meltdown point, because Drake gave up on being fussy and decided sleep was a better option.

We got the news- his eye is FINE! The worst case scenario is maybe he might develop a lazy eye, in which they would patch the good eye and force the lazy one to work harder. Which is like... nothing! Hurray! I must take this moment to say I am probably a terrible mother- because I stopped worrying about the welfare of Drake's vision when Brian totaled the car- but I know I am not a terrible mom, because I kept my baby calm and collected at the doctor's office and I knew his eye was probably fine anyway.

Which brings us to the next point- WE GOT A CAR!!! Hurray!!!! Not only did we manage to get a car in as little as a day, but we got a GREAT deal on it! It is a 2007 Chevy Aveo hatchback- Brian's been wanting one f-o-r-e-v-e-r, and it was a great deal and a great price. $7,000- 50,000 miles, 1 owner... it is a manual tranny though, which Brian did not know how to drive... but learned in the parking lot, and is a natural at it. We put down $1500 and got it for a better interest rate and lower monthly payment (by $20) than the last car.

(PS how hokey photoshopped is that picture? I mean, seriously.)

The only terrible thing was somewhere between me counting the money in the envelope to paying for the down payment (a span of mere minutes) I lost $100. So instead of having $1500 in cash, I suddenly only had $1400. We looked every where for it. I counted 15 then only 14. We counted and counted and counted and it was only 14. So I put $100 on our debit card. Whatever. I don't care. I would gladly lose $100 extra dollars for a car. It wasn't a big deal to me. Also while I was sitting in the new car at the rental place and Brian drove the rental just next door to top up the gas, they closed the rental place and locked me in for the night, and Brian got back JUST in time to see the guy starting to leave!! Hahaha... weird.

Brian really got into driving the manual quickly, and only stalled out once (when we got home! haha) and we even drove it to my parent's house to show off. We are so impressed with ourselves. We totally feel like grown ups.

And, for the icing on the cake? I am back to my wedding weight. 238. Just 16 lbs to go until I am back to my pre-pregnancy/last WW weight! I am joining WW again too! Hurray!


  1. Sometimes it all falls neatly into place...hooray!

  2. Nice! Sounds like a good day! BTW, I got a good giggle out of "...we even drove it to my parent's house to show off. We are so impressed with ourselves. We totally feel like grown ups." It reminded me of how we're all really just big kids. "Look Mommy! I grew up!"
    Ah a stick shift... I actually prefer them. You'll get better gas mileage and they are easier to get fixed. You don't have to replace a complete transmission, just a clutch usually. (And since you're learning, you'll probably burn through 1 clutch pretty quickly - it's normal.)
    They are so hard to find in newer cars! Nice score!

  3. Yay! That's great about Drake's eye and your new car!! Glad everything worked out.

  4. I'm so glad things are looking up for you - boy, that little punkin' is SO cute - great news about his eye!
    Nice ride, too!

  5. So glad that Drake's eye is fine. YAY for the car.

  6. How’s your car after one year, Christie? Even though you had problems with the money you were carrying, it’s still good that you bought the car. Having a car of your own is something of an achievement, but it’s one that also comes with responsibilities. You have to take care of it, pay for any repairs and maintenance needed, and just keep it in good condition. In any case, it’s good that Brian quickly got used to the manual transmission of the car.


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