Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Metal Free

They removed my staples today and put some Steri-strips on them. Great, just what I need, more tape residue... sigh. They are supposed to last 2 weeks. I go back in on Feb 2nd for another check up.

I still have high blood pressure (from the anemia) but the iron pills are helping. I also have a low grade fever, normal for having major surgery. That could partly explain my chills I get too. I ran out of Percocet, but they prescribed me more. Since I had my staples removed, I haven't been in any pain. I went 12 hours without a pain pill. Hurray! I took one just to be safe not too long ago though.

I was reminded again not to lift anything other than the baby, not to do stairs (haha I live on the third floor!) not to insert anything into the vagina, no baths, no sex, blah blah blah for 4 more weeks at least.

I'm at a dangerous part in recovery now that I no longer have the staples and am in less pain, I am going to start thinking I am better now (I know I will) and may try to take on too much. But I have to keep being basically useless for 4 more weeks. All I can do is hold/change the baby and pump, with the occasional light cooking. I'm not allowed to put anything in the oven, just stove top. Sigh. 

Pumping is going great- seems like my boobies have gotten the memo and have stepped up production. I got 4 ounces from one, and was still going strong. Then The Dragon decided he was hungry. Not wanting to stop pumping (it's a pain in the ass to start and stop) I gave him the freshly expressed milk and he drank it all. Every last drop. I got 4 ounces from the other and an additional 2 from the first, so it was okay. I'm happy I can keep up now, we haven't had to give him any supplemental formula today.

I weighed myself for the first time since I came home. When I came home, I was 260 lbs, which was MORE than what I weighed when I went in to the hospital. I weighed 257 then. I was retaining a lot of fluids, so I tried not to think about it. I checked again today, and I am pleased to report the swelling is going down and all the extra water is moving the fluids out! I weigh 245!

New mom paranoia is setting in. I noticed Drake's normal eye was matted shut with eye boogers and I cleaned them away. Then it happened again, and again. I was starting to think maybe he had an infection? We did go to the pediatrician's office and there were a lot of sick kids there. Maybe he picked up pink eye? Or maybe the dog licked his face and he got something in his eye? I asked my mom, and she said it was normal- babies ooze all sorts of fluids from every orifice. Since then, I have noticed his eye only gets boogers in it if he is sleeping, when he is awake, it's clear. His 'dragon eye' never seems to get any boogers. I wonder if his normal eye is over productive? or maybe his other eye is under productive? I see the eye doctor on the 24th. I'll try to keep my panicking to a minimum until then.

I'm all hormonal too. On the referral to the eye dr, under "reason" they had put "evaluation and treatment of abnormally shaped pupil" and I started crying uncontrollably. I look at his sweet face and he looks up at me, both eyes wide, and I see his dragon eye and recall "abnormally shaped pupil" and start crying and apologizing to him. Let's get one thing straight: it's not anyone's fault his eye is like that and yes, it is abnormal. At least they didn't put "freakishly deformed" He can see with it and that's all that matters. I cry over everything. Stupid hormones.

I'm off to bed, I have a loooong day tomorrow today. I have a dr's appointment for more Xanax, we need to go to the insurance company to get reimbursed for our tow, we need to take the car to the shop to get fixed (and by "we" I really mean Brian, I can't drive still), and Brian's parents are coming for a visit. My day starts at 6:45 and it is 2 am. Night night.


  1. C-sections, in general, have a higher rate of PPD (not saying your hormone-induced emotions are a result of PPD)I'm just saying in general.

    For me, after 40 hours of laboring at home ( I was planning on having the baby at home with a midwife)I ended up with a c-section. I did go through bad PPD. I was so emotional.

    Some of the things I felt worked best, even just to help with the out of whack hormones. Getting out into the sunshine helped a lot! I sat outside with my son every single day and when I was able I took him for walks. When I was feeling my worst I was talking to everyone that would listen to me. Which was pretty much my husband and my mom. I didn't keep anything to myself. My midwife also had me on a vitamin regimen. Which helped my hormones balance out perfectly. If you're interested I can give you the list of vitamins to take. It's only 5 different ones.

    And your son is perfect, even with his dragon eye!

  2. About your little man's eye - Ethan has a blocked tear duct and he is goopy a lot. We put warm compresses on it and massage the little nub you feel in the corner. I thought it was an infection too but it's not. It will open up eventually but can take a year.

    I hear ya about the hormones - dear god! It's normal and it's okay to cry - that's what I told myself. It got me through to the next breakdown! lol

    Sounds like you are doing great and enjoying your cutie pie! I really like the books, but if you want a quick rundown of what they are, let me know and I can outline it to you. I know I did in the blog, but there's a bit more to it. Nothing crazy or hard - makes a heck of a lot of sense really, and you can start right away. We waiting a while and it still worked out - but would have got us and him a lot more sleep if we started sooner!

  3. I'm nearly certain that if I had a dragoneye, then I'd have been a better hit with the ladies!

  4. I HATED feeling "better" but not actually BEING better. Takes your insides a long time to get back to normal. Recovering from Ovarian surgery I overdid things and REALLY hated myself the next day for it. ( I also picked at my "glue" - which BURNED like a mothertrucker!)
    Awesome that you're able to cut down on the formula! :) So glad your body is doing what it's supposed to do. :)


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