Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm trying my best to stay positive during this whole car fiasco thing. So far, we have maybe $350 of the $500 we need... which is great! We can probably have it all by Tuesday, as long as I do some creative budgeting (ie put off some bills until later this month) we need the car fixed ASAP so bills can wait. It sucks to prioritize bills again... but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. We need the car to make money, so it comes first.

But today, I am incredibly lucky. The Dragon and I have been hanging out all day. Mostly, sleeping. I swear, since I stepped up production (thanks, boobies) the babe has been sleeping longer and deeper. It's a very welcome present! Even Brian got an insane amount of sleep (for a new parent anyway) he got NINE whole hours. 6 of them in a row!

Drake slept from noon to 6 pm tonight. Then he woke up, ate 4.5 ounces, needed a diaper change. Changed him, changed his outfit and while he was naked, he got a baby massage. He really likes those. Stretches out his little limbs and looks around the whole time, soaking it in. Then he zonked out and fell asleep by 7 pm.

Tomorrow morning I get my staples out. I have been looking forward to this all weekend. Two of my staples are pinching my skin really badly and I'm about to take them out myself! I won't of course. My doctor gave me a sterile suture removal kit to bring to the office tomorrow... is that weird? It's got us weirding out over it... like wtf dude, you don't have your own suture removal kits in the office? Maybe he's hoping the staples piss me off enough that I remove them myself? I dunno.

I love not being pregnant anymore. I have no heartburn. The pain pills are magnificent. Even the iron pills don't suck that much. I love snuggling with my little boy. I still feel like he is not quite mine... like how did the last 9 months sneak up on me? I sort of feel like he is a loaner baby to get me ready for my kid... but he's not, he's my babe through and through. Looks like his dad, acts like his mom. Lord help us, he will be a heart breaker for sure. I noticed too, that I am not always constantly hungry! I really feel like it must have been the baby, because now I have to really struggle to eat. It's like, oh yeah, I haven't had anything in 12 hours. I should probably eat this sandwich. I'm really trying to eat as normally as possible (hard to do with a newborn,even a lazy one like mine). I do fantastic with the fluids though.

Ok, I've looked this gift horse (Dragon) in the mouth long enough, I need to go take another nap while I can. Brian's working until 11:30 tonight, and we have an early day tomorrow, so I need all the rest I can get.


  1. I love you refering to him as "The Dragon" now. :) Seems to fit. Reptiles sleep a lot too anyway. ;) Glad to hear you're listening to your body! Between the exhaustion, hormones and all that, I'm not surprised you're not eating regularly yet. LOTS of women lose weight during breast feeding because it takes your body LOTS of fuel to do, but you don't always need to eat to use that fuel. It's like our bodies are built to burn the baby fat I guess!

    I hear you on prioritizing bills and stuff. My Sailor says I stress out about money too much. I know we're doing okay, but I'm SO USED to being CONSTANTLY scrambling or broke that I think I panic a little when some new expense shows up even though we're equipped to cover most "surprises" now.

  2. Oh, I remember those early weeks after the baby is born. Sometimes it was so surreal. Drink it in and hope the suture removal goes well! Congratulations!

  3. I am guessing that with the stapler remover kit, it's a billing/reimbursement thing. If he gives it to you at the hospital, the hospital pays for it and deals with billing. If he gives it to you from his office, it comes out of his pocket.


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