Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dragon Feet

Technically, it's dinosaurs

I love his little dragon feet. Aren't they just ab-fab?! This is the outfit our friends bought for him, and he fits into it. It's just a little too big, which is great! Means he can wear it more often!

He has been sleeping a lot lately. At first I was relieved, then I was kind of worried, and now I am so like "whatever". He seems to be going through a sleeping-spurt. He can't stay awake after he eats. Maybe he is growing and he needs the rest. All that growing is hard work.

It's nice to have some time to do other things- household chores, crochet, read, sleep, eat, you know all those important things. I find that I am checking on him more often though "is he still breathing?!" He is. I've been checking his temperature too, almost obsessively. He's still eating just as much and we aren't having any other symptoms, he's just tired. I can relate. I am tired too. I guess this is how I know he is my son, he definitely likes his naps just like his mom! Can't blame him there :)

Tomorrow is his first real adventure- a sleep over at his grandma and grandpa's! Everyone is super excited. Except Drake, he doesn't seem to understand yet, but I am sure he will figure it out :) My day will be spent washing bottles and pacifiers and clothes in preparation for packing them. Then it will be packing diapers, wipes, formula, blankets, and all that good stuff. Brian will have the fun task of packing up the bouncy chair and the bassinet. If it will fit in our car. I'm sure that it will. One awesome thing about the car is the back seats fold down independently, so we can have one up (with the baby in it) and one folded down. How cool is that?!

I'm really looking forward to him going over there and having some "Mommy and Daddy" time where Brian and I can do whatever we want. I will probably sleep and he will probably play video games. YAY! Our favorite activities.

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks postpartum for me, and that means I can resume normal activities like house work... and lifting more than ten pounds... wait I was doing that already! Never mind!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. He's super cute! So glad you're getting some "you" time. :) It's so vital!

  2. OMG those are SOOOO cute! It *almost* makes me want to have another....
    LOL - enjoy your sleep over!

  3. So sweet! I bey you're right, growing is serious business. Enjoy you're hubby time!


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