Friday, February 17, 2012

A Healthy Start

Is it any wonder that not changing what I was eating/drinking was severely impeding my progress at the pump? Drinking lots of diet soda, eating whatever I wanted (but tracking it) and not staying hydrated enough meant that even with supplements, I was lacking in the pumping department in a major way.

I quit soda two days ago. I drank water and juice. Since I have been drinking more healthful options, I started eating better. And what do you know? Progress!

I now know why Weight Watchers gives nursing moms a whole heck of a lot of extra points each day. (If you're supplementing, you get +7 extra, if you are breastfeeding exclusively, you get +14 extra) it's because it burns a lot of calories- technically, you are still eating for two. (Actually, you are eating for two more than you ever were while pregnant.)

Anyway, this morning I made myself a really healthy breakfast.

1/4 c. egg whites
2 oz sliced ham
1 slice Kraft cheese
2 slices of 100% whole grain wheat + fiber toast
16 ounces of apple juice

I cooked up the egg whites in a skillet, placed them on the toast, and warmed up the ham in the skillet. I put cheese on it to melt and then slapped it on the toast and had myself a ham, egg (white) and cheese sandwich with apple juice. It was a whopping 16 points. I get 44 a day right now. After I ate and drank my meal, I pumped and the difference was amazing and the results were clear. I pumped WAY more than I was doing. I was maybe getting a half ounce per side per session. It would take me 4 hours to make 1 ounce, if I was lucky. Today, I did 1.5 ounces per side. That is a huge increase, 6 times what it was. (Still, I don't think I could make a whole day's supply, but I am getting there)

I know a small portion of that is thanks to taking the supplements, but a large part of it has to be eating better/staying well hydrated. It's the only variable that has changed.

For a snack/light lunch, I am going to have a smoothie

1 c. mixed berries
6 oz pomegranate-applesauce
1 c. low fat vanilla yogurt

(5 points)

And for dinner I am having stir fry. I haven't figured out the points for that yet, though.

I still need to get in my 8 glasses of water for the day. Nursing moms should get 13 cups of water or juice each day. I have had three glasses of apple juice total so far, I think I will end up with 5 glasses of juice and 8 glasses of water.

I also bought apples! So I am going to eat them for snacks.

Drake is over at my parents' house this weekend and from what I've heard, things are going really well. I think they are all enjoying themselves. Drake even has been sleeping good for them, so that is a relief. I miss him a lot more than I thought I would! I mean, I know he is at my parents and in good hands... but I miss holding him and giving him kisses and just being around him. The time alone is really nice though.

On the agenda today

~ A nice long, hot shower
~ Crocheting for a few hours.
~ Playing The Sims 3 to make some more YouTube videos
~ Cleaning the kitchen/doing laundry
~ Strength training for 30 minutes

A busy day! I can't wait until my little man comes home tomorrow. I have so much to tell him and can't wait to "hear" all about his trip! I hope he hasn't forgotten me ;)


  1. Great job on the healthy eating front! Take away the cheese and one of the slices of bread, and that's pretty much my morning every day! :)

  2. Good job! I don't think they impress upon you enough the power nutrition has over breast milk at the hospital. You got this,


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