Saturday, February 25, 2012

Small Success and a "Rash" Decision

So I have a cold. At least I am pretty sure it's a cold. I have been a walking ad for NyQuil. I have all the symptoms. Oh boy. Normally I don't mind being sick- its just a pain in the ass- but this time around it sucks even more. I am trying hard not to let Drake catch it. I haven't kissed him, or breathed on him as much as I could help it. I wash my hands and face more. I wash his hands and face more. I use anti-bacterial hand sanitizer foam.

Anyway, all that to say, that today I managed a small bit of success in the nursing department. We got latch on and feeding for 2 whole minutes. Then he got WAY upset and refused to try again. Since he was suckling and then got mad, I gave him my expressed milk in a bottle while I pumped on the one he started nursing on. What a huge difference in production. So it was worth it (even if it took him 15 minutes to calm down). I know what you are thinking- why would I try to breast feed if I am sick? Chances are the baby won't get sick from me, and since I am sick, my body is producing antibodies to fight the cold- which means it is extra important that he gets my milk now, more than ever. Antibodies show up in milk and can prevent illnesses. So, even though I was a snot rocket today, that is what I did. Oh the things we do for our kids...

I also happened to notice, while changing his diaper today, that he had small little bumps on his groin area. It looked like acne, but I knew immediately what it was: Diaper rash, in its earliest form. The bumps were so small, they weren't noticeable really at first... I'm surprised I caught it when I did. (I need a stronger RX for my glasses). That put into motion Operation: Baby Bottom (I love making up stupid names for mundane tasks) and made some adjustments to our changing schedule. Normally I change him after he eats, or if I feel him go poopies. Unless he falls into a deep sleep after eating- which happens a lot.

Today I was changing him after every meal, whether I woke him or not (probably why he was so cranky today) I also normally pat him dry and only use Boudreaux's Butt Paste if he is a little red on his bottom or groin area. It's a great diaper cream... but it gets everywhere. Also it's expensive. If he only has a mild redness, I just slather his lower half in Vaseline.

Today though, I wanted to make sure that he was very dry before putting on any creams or diapers, so I got out the blow dryer and used it on him. His face is hilarious! He always looks a little shocked at first- "Ohh! What's happening?" then he realizes it feels nice and warm and he relaxes and smiles- "Ohh yeah, a little to the left, mm hmm, you missed a spot".

Brian and I also gave him a bath when Brian got home from work. Normally I just spot clean him and give him a full bath once a week (poor kid has only had 7 baths in his entire life at this point) but I figured it would be a good idea to really clean the area as thoroughly as possible without scrubbing or aggravating the rash. I don't want it to spread.

PS- If you've never seen diaper rash, for heaven's sake do not Google it. You will freak the eff out. It is terrible looking if it is not caught right away. Poor little babies.

Drake has an appointment on Thursday for his first round of shots. I'm hoping his rash goes away before then.


  1. Cornstarch at night or nap time too... It's helps to keep the moisture away from their lil bum. A lil messy but I found it really makes difference, diaper rash is all about catching it early :-) so good job momma and good thinking on the blow dryer I like that one!

  2. Poor bum (literally!). Thankfully we haven't had a problem with Ethan and diaper rashes. I always make sure his bum is dry before I put on his baby balm. It's from bare organics, from Canada, so I don't know if they would ship to you. It's so awesome though.

    I wouldn't use any sort of powder on him as it could cause breathing problems in the future. But that's just my opinion. And as for the blow dryer - way to go mamma. I'm sure that feels great on his bottom :D


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