Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tummy Sleep and Other Things

Oh man... I've corrupted Drake.

He now only sleeps on our chests. While I love how snuggly he is, I know this is a terrible habit. And it is going to suck breaking it. He just falls asleep almost instantly all cuddled up and it's such a relief... but when you try and move him, he wakes up screaming. Who can blame him? One minute, he was very warm and close to Mom/Dad then the next he's all alone (although not really, he is just in his Boppy right next to us)

I'm wondering if he would do alright in his crib on his tummy. He loves to sleep on his tummy and sleeps very peaceful. I am kind of nervous because they say you aren't supposed to let them sleep on their stomachs any more... but Drake can roll over and lift his head up. He also sleeps with his face buried in my boobs and doesnt have any problem breathing. I think as long as I dress him warmly and don't have anything loose in the crib, he will be alright. I think I will start with a nap and see how he does, making sure he can breathe alright.

You know, conventional wisdom years ago was to let babies sleep on their tummies. Now it's not. I think it's all up to what works best for each baby. I have mixed feelings about the subject. I am sure I could rant on and on about it, but I don't think I will. Hardly interesting material.

Drake is doing really great at sleeping through most of the night. He goes down around 9-10 and then wakes up at midnight for a quick meal (usually 2 ounces) then falls back asleep until 3 am. He then sleeps in about 3-4 hour increments until midday.

Anyway enough of that, I've been having a great day on plan. I am tracking everything and trying really hard to stay within my daily allotment of points. As a consequence, I am STARVING. I feel soooo hungry. I guess that's a good thing. For snacks, I have pop-sickles, Fiber One brownies, sugar free pudding, fat free yogurt, frozen berries... all between 0-3 points. 

I just got the bill for my birth in the mail today. Let me say this: THANK GOD for insurance. I still can't pay it, but hey, it's not a whole hell of a lot. I'm just broke. Same shit, different day.

Overall, a great week. I'm so tempted to just pass out now. I'm very tired. And hungry. Being awake and out of points and hungry is miserable. Oh well.


  1. My baby brother wouldn't sleep unless we rocked him to bed. He was spoiled by our nanny who rocked him every day.

    Great job staying on plan!!!

  2. He's still little, so him sleeping cuddled with you is OK! You can't officially spoil him that way, yet! It gives him the reassurance he needs to know that the world is not a scary place... they don't have to figure that out till later...
    They don't recommend the tummy sleeping because of the higher risk of SIDS...
    THAT being said, as SOON as both my boys could roll and lift their heads, they were sleeping on thier tummies 0 because it was the ONLY way they really slept, so I am with you, sister!

  3. Since you're not breast feeding, sometimes caffine can help curb hunger. Have you tried some hot tea, or replacing one of those meals with something more filling - like a whey protein shake? Those help fill me up for HOURS! (And chocolate ones are pretty good - especially if you throw in some of those berries!)

  4. I was considering nap time on his tummy. He sleeps great on his tummy and I need him to nap during the day so we don't have a cranky baby. During the night we have no problem with him on his back. I'm a bit nervous too with the tummy thing, but we were all put that way and we are fine! He can lift his head as well so I think I will just watch him the first couple times and then supervise with the monitor after that.

    Good job staying on plan....Me, not so much these last few days :s

  5. My mom had four of us and with each there was a new set of rules the same goes for today, as some friends now on their second are finding out they've recently changed the recommended age to start pablum from 4 months to 6 months (at least here in Canada) Go with your gut momma :-) every kid is different. Like really if we stuck to all the "rules" we'd be walking around with our kids in a bubble!

  6. There is a local campaign here in Cali to discourage parents from cosleeping with their babies but it puzzles me and makes me ask why now?

    P.S. I am not a mom but this just seemed odd to me.


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