Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Groceries, Personal Trainers and Other Things

Today my mom and grandma ended up coming over on a whim (I love it when family does that) so Brian and I took the opportunity to go grocery shopping.

Here is what we walked out with:

Smart Ones meals (Chicken Enchilada Suiza and French Toast and Sausage, 5x each)
Fiber One chocolate peanut butter brownies (2 boxes, 6 in each box)
Lunchables turkey and cheddar (5x)
Velvetta cheese, 32 ounce slab
Diced tomatoes with chilies, lime juice, and cilantro
2 bags of tortilla chips
2 packages of chewy chocolate chip cookies (for Brian)
1 package of chocolate covered peanut butter patty type cookies (for me)
1- 4pk strawberry daiquiri coolers
1- 6pk hard fruit punch coolers
2 containers of low fat yogurt
1 bag frozen berries
1 container of BBQ pulled pork
1 package light hamburger buns
1 package 60-cal sugar free Jello pudding, dulce de leche
1 package sugar free Jello, raspberry & orange variety pack.

Tonight I made crock-pot nacho dip

1.3 lbs lean ground beef, browned and drained
1 can diced tomatoes with chilies, cilantro, and lime juice, undrained
1/2 cup diced onion
16 ounces of Velvetta, cubed
Dash pepper, garlic, and taco sauce

Combine onion and ground beef in a skillet, brown and drain. Transfer to crock pot. Add all the rest of the ingredients and turn crock pot on high for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve hot with tortilla chips. 

Oh it's so good. And a little spicy.
I have no idea how many people this feeds. I'm going to assume 16 servings. Which means, about 4 people, since it is so darn good :)

I tracked every bite today. Even the entire box of chocolate covered peanut butter patty type cookies I had. I ate those in the car, on the way home from the store. It was my lunch. Don't judge. Judge if you want. There were only 16 cookies and I gave Brian 4 of them, so I only ate 3/4 of the package in a 5 minute drive home...Shh! I tracked it.

I think I got some fairly decent healthy fare at the store this week. Much better than usual. I know I bought 3 packages of cookies, but I already told you, I ate my box. The other two are Brian's and they will be gone probably within the next 24 hours. He loves cookies.

In other, healthy news... Our apartment complex has added a personal trainer to our fitness center. I find this a bit strange because the fitness center doesn't really have a lot of equipment (a few treadmills/ellipticals/stair steppers and then one of those all-in-one weight machines, like a Bow Flex, or whatever) He is going to be there on Mondays and Wednesdays. Unfortunately, I can't meet with him because Brian is not going to be home and someone needs to be with the baby. I am also curious if they have updated the fitness center? I haven't been in nearly a year, so who knows!

I changed my points on WW. I am not breast feeding any more. It's upsetting to me a little bit, because I am so busty, but I can't produce enough milk. No matter how often I was pumping, I never ended up with more than 16 ounces a day. Drake eats at least 24 ounces a  day. So I made the choice to just go to formula so I could get more sleep and be a more competent mother. It's working out great so far.


  1. No shame in Formula sister! Sounds like you are getting on track-I hope you definitely get to try that trainer one day.

  2. Good job tracking everything!
    Shopping looks pretty good - still a little short on greens and fruits though. ;)


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