Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weigh In #2

I'm so so tired. I think I have a slight touch of insomnia. I haven't been able to sleep. Every time I try, I end up tossing and turning and inevitably, I get up because there is no point in laying awake. I'm cranky beyond all belief. I'm doing okay with the baby, Drake's crying doesn't bother me any more. I don't get upset when he cries. Babies cry.

Anyway, in my sleep-deprived stupor, I weighed in today. Wee, two weeks on WW and I'm already not tracking. I'm not making excuses: I just didn't track.

The official weight is 231. That makes it a loss of -4, and down 7 from the start. I am officially 7 lbs lighter! My pants from Old Navy are way too big now. I am going to wash them and give them away. Kind of sad, since I just bought them, but oh well- I can't be upset that I lost 7 lbs and will have to buy new clothes again. What kind of silly thing would that be! I'm 11 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. So awesome.

I'm celebrating the small! I'm reveling in a 4 lb loss this week, a 7 lb cumulatively, and that I did not weigh myself once this week. I feel so much more in control.

This week's goals are simple: Drink more water and track at least 1 meal a day. I am going to try and track every bite, no matter what it is I am eating, but I am celebrating the small, and working toward small goals as well. The key to success is the little things. Small steps equal big rewards.

Once I hit 6 weeks postpartum, I might try and add in a little exercise. I want to do strength training and focus on that this time instead of so much cardio. Cardio was my downfall. I loved how I felt- a runner's high sort of thing- but it left me so hungry all the time. I would earn so many Points+ running on the elliptical/biking and then eat them all (and then some) and not track it. I think if I do a little weight lifting (just hand weights for now) I will be able to build up arm strength. Lugging a baby around is heavy and hard work. To be honest, Drake weighs more than my hand weights, so I can just lift him I guess!

So far, so good. I am going in 5 lb increments for goals, that way I can feel like I am making progress and not be faced with a huge, daunting number. In my weight tracker, WW set my first "goal" for 5% lost, which would put me at 226. That's 5 lbs away!

It was a great week, not just in regards to weight loss, but over all. I am aiming to make weight loss a priority, but not the main one in my life this time. I think having a more relaxed approach will probably help me in the long run, since I won't have all the self-inflicted pressure to lose x amount each week.


  1. You are fantastic. Sleep will come as you find balance between baby awake time and baby sleep time that could be your free time. It'll balance soon.


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